Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Wants More Secrets and Revenge?


Vivian was on the run, Jennifer forgave Jack. Julie got her heart after Stefan’s tragic death, and Gabi was once again out for revenge in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Soaps4Ever and UhSir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Robin Strasser’s turn as Vivian, Jennifer forgiving Jack, and Nicole keeping yet another secret on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Vivian is gone. How would you rate Robin Strasser’s run as this iconic character?

Soaps4Ever: I prefer Louise Sorel as Vivian but I think Robin Strasser did what she could with the character. In my opinion, she wasn’t given enough time to really dig her heels into the role.

I also didn’t see the point in changing her hairstyle every other episode. The other Vivian did not do that and it was kind of strange.

Jack: I’d give her a 6. The acting was good but the writing was terrible and Vivian was not written as the same classy villainess I’ve loved for years.

UhSir: I rate it a zero because she was not Vivian. I tried thinking she changed because of being revived by Rolf but I just couldn’t buy it. Instead, all I did while watching her was say, “That’s not how Vivian would ______.”

If Louise Sorel wasn’t available for this story then they should have found someone who could play at least close to Louise’s version.

If they wanted Robin on the show in this way then they should have brought her on as a different character, maybe as the woman who raised Stefan before he found out he was Stefano’s son, then I would have been fine with her.

Christine: Truly disappointing. I don’t blame Robin Strasser. We know she can act but the writing for Vivian was ridiculous as were the constant wig changes. Once again, Days took an iconic villain, recast them and turned them into something akin to a cartoon character.

Jennifer says that the man who acted so despicably before he got his memory back wasn’t really Jack. Do you agree? Should all be forgiven?

Soaps4Ever: I think that man is a part of Jack but only a small part. I believe Jennifer is saying that to make herself and Jack feel better. It seems a little naive, but that is the way she is.

Jack: I have mixed feelings about this. Jack had amnesia and Eve manipulated him. But just because he didn’t have his memories didn’t mean he had no moral compass or ability to think for himself.

I would have rather seen him have to prove himself to at least some of Salem.

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UhSir: I wasn’t watching when Jennifer and Jack were originally getting going but I think there were a few times when he was pretty despicable, but that might have all been before he and Jennifer hooked up.

I think he can be forgiven but only in a way like happened with him and Abe. I wonder once Jack gets all settled back in if he might start having issues with PTSD. It wouldn’t have to be an A-story but I would like to see it addressed even mildly.

Christine: That was still Jack, as much as he may wish it weren’t. I wish Jack would look at why he was so easily manipulated by Eve and why he found it so easy to bully people who had less power than he does.

Jack has always been flawed but he also has a good heart. He should have to earn everyone’s trust back, including Jennifer’s.

Were you surprised that Nicole didn’t tell Eric about Sarah being pregnant? Do you want her to?

Soaps4Ever: I wanted Nicole to tell Eric so bad and just get it out. Nothing good is going to come out of keeping that secret and the truth always shows itself sooner or later.

Jack: Ugh. This is the idiotic shreds storyline all over again. I’d like to have seen Nicole grow up and stop being so insecure and sabotaging her relationships with stupid behavior. And I do NOT want to see the fallout when Eric finally finds out and explodes.

UhSir: I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed that it was written in this predictable way. This isn’t the 1960s when fathers were expected to marry the mother of their child! Not marrying her is not considered “turning his back on her.”

I’m hoping this won’t be dragged out and she does what she was about to do before Eric came back home and tells him right away. It would be interesting to see a bunch of grownups acting like grownups instead of like teenage butterflies flitting from flower to flower.

Christine: Not surprised, just disappointed. Nicole has been down this road before so watching her destroy her relationship just as it gets started once again is pretty boring.

What would be more interesting is seeing Eric and Sarah trying to co-parent their child while Sarah starts a relationship with Xander. You know that would drive Eric right over the edge and could lead to all types of drama.

After having Hope shoot Stefano and having her and Rafe bury his body in the catacombs, now all of Salem seems to assume he is alive. Do you believe that Stefano is alive or dead? Which would you prefer?

Soaps4Ever: I think it should remain a mystery, to me it is more interesting that way.

Jack: If Joe Mascolo was still with us, I’d love to have Stefano back, but since the actor passed away, it’s time for Stefano to go to his final resting place.

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UhSir: I’m going with him still being alive right now. I would prefer it if the show would just let Stefano be truly dead and that we never hear another word about the horrible story that destroyed a character that I had somewhat of a mild interest in.

They’ve already cleared Hope of murder by “showing” that Stefano is alive. (Another lame story.) The show needs to let go of Stefano. There is no way he can come back because they could never replace Joe Mascolo.

Christine: Joe Mascolo died and there will never be another Stefano. They should let this character rest in peace already and make Hope live with killing him, even if I believe it happened because of her PTSD which was never fully addressed.

Does Gabi deserve to get her revenge against Lani? Is that something you want to see?

Soaps4Ever: I wish Gabi would stop wanting revenge all the time. Stefan stepped in front of Lani and it wasn’t something she could prevent. Gabi needs to think more about her daughter and the example she is setting.

Jack: No and no. And I am not even a Lani fan! But this is ridiculous, especially coming from Gabi, who saved JJ from suicide after a similar situation. Vengeful Gabi is not at all entertaining. Nothing makes me want to change the channel faster.

UhSir: No, I don’t want to see it. Gabi is nutso in thinking that going after Lani is going to make anything better. Besides, how would doing horrible things to Julie be “revenge” on Lani?

Christine: I understand why Gabi wants revenge. Lani slept with both JJ and Eli while Gabi was involved with them and now she’s killed Stefan. Even if the shooting was an accident, I understand why Gabi hates Lani.

That said, we’ve been down this revenge road too often already and it’s gotten boring so I have no desire to watch it again. 

What was the most disappointing storyline this week in Salem?

Soaps4Ever: I don’t like Sarah’a pregnancy still being kept a secret from Eric. I wish she would just tell Eric and deal with the consequences. But of course I knew that wouldn’t happen. And I didn’t like the scenes that Jordan was in. She just seems sinister and up to no good.

Jack: Gabi trying to get revenge, Brady buying gifts for Kristen, and Nicole keeping Sarah’s secret were all pretty disappointing. And why wasn’t JJ part of Julie’s recovering after surgery?

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UhSir: Gabi. How many episodes per week, for how many more weeks, are we going to be subjected to her sobbing and growling about losing “the love of her life?” They were a couple for what, a month? Before that, she hated his guts.

Christine: For me it’s knowing that Gabi and Stefan are over. I was just starting to really enjoy them as a couple and now he’s dead.

They had the potential to a fun, morally ambiguous couple, kind of like Sami and EJ. With Stefan dead and Gabi hell-bent on revenge once again, I’m very disappointed.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline for this week?

Soaps4Ever: I like that Julie was able to have Stefan’s heart. It will cause Julie to see Gabi in a different way and not as an enemy anymore.

Jack: I loved when Julie woke up! Jack and Jennifer’s sweet scene was a close second.

UhSir: I really enjoyed Anna and Tony. I always have. They were one of my favorites. I’m a little scared, though, to commit completely because I can’t trust this show anymore. I keep expecting that one day Tony will be changed into Andre and that would crush me.

I love Thaao either way but I really hope Tony sticks around. Oh dear, I just had another thought. What if Dr. Rolf implanted Andre’s memories into Tony and Tony starts flipping back and forth like what is happening with Hope/Gina right now? I hope that doesn’t happen either.

Christine: Actually, I kind of liked Kristen this week. She was less crazy and more cunning and manipulative. I prefer that to the cartoony version we’ve been seeing since her return.

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