Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos Announces This Is Lorelei Album, Shares New Video: Watch


Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos Announces This Is Lorelei Album, Shares New Video: Watch

“Dancing in the Club” leads Box for Buddy, Box for Star

Nate Amos aka This Is Lorelei

This Is Lorelei, December 2023 (OK McCausland)

This Is Lorelei, the solo project of Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos, has announced a new album. Box for Buddy, Box for Star arrives June 14 via Double Double Whammy. He’s shared the new song “Dancing in the Club,” a character study of the romantic screw-up archetype, with a music video directed by Joey Agresta. Watch it below.

Although Box for Buddy, Box for Star is the latest in a long line of solo records by Amos as This Is Lorelei, it’s technically the first solo full-length album that he’s written with a traditional LP release format in mind. Its confessional, diaristic pop songs play with singer-songwriter cliches, often with self-reflection at the forefront.

“I had just finished a tour with Water From Your Eyes, during which I laid on the ground at Stonehenge for 40 minutes and decided to stop smoking weed,” Amos explained. “Initially, this album was just a challenge to make music without getting high, and I was worried I wouldn’t come up with anything at all. I isolated myself from pretty much everyone and wrote songs all summer. I was pretty broke and significantly depressed, but also in a sort of healthy mental demolition mode, trying to reimagine how I wanted to move forward with my life. For better or worse, what I made ended up being a delayed recovery album, largely dealing with more significant addictions that I kicked a year earlier.”

Water From Your Eyes followed Everyone’s Crushed, one of the best albums of 2023, with a remix album and a Ween cover. Last year, Amos’ Water From Your Eyes bandmate, Rachel Brown, also released two new projects as Thanks for Coming: the compilation You Haven’t Missed Much and the What Is My Capacity to Love? EP.

Read Pitchfork’s rising interview “Alt-Pop Duo Water From Your Eyes Commit to the Bit.”

Box for Buddy, Box for Star:

01 Angel’s Eye
02 Perfect Hand
03 I’m All Fucked Up
04 Dancing in the Club
05 My Boy Limbo
06 Where’s Your Love Now
07 Box for Buddy, Box for Star
08 A Song That Sings About You
09 Two Legs
10 An Extra Beat for You and Me

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