Myha’la Herrold Insists She’s Not as Edgy as You Think


“I guess I’m perceived as quite edgy, which is funny to me because I feel so not edgy,” says Myha’la Herrold. To anyone who’s witnessed her effortlessly cool vibes in A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies, or HBO’s Industry, or even her Instagram, this might come as a shock. Even while wearing glasses (by Miu Miu, no less) and a sweatshirt on Zoom, with a cat on her lap, she looks pretty damn cool. But she insists.

“No, I’m like, I don’t leave the house after 9 P.M., my skin care routine and my hygiene is…I don’t know, I guess that’s a weird thing to say, but I just don’t feel very edgy. I don’t feel spontaneously cool at all.”

This gave the actress something to work with when dressing for Miu Miu’s fall/winter 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week. She figured she’d wear “something that’s quite feminine or even girly, and matching that with my sort of androgynous, edgier vibe.”

She landed on a maroon polka-dot sleeveless turtleneck top, matching midi skirt, and black pointed-toe heels—a ladylike set that Herrold couldn’t help but give some, well, edge. She and her stylist Aryeh Lappin had already chosen another Miu Miu look before her fitting, but when she arrived, a different option completely changed her mind.

myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe

“When I put this deep maroon polka-dot set on, something fabulous happened. I had an immediate emotional response to this look—I felt powerful in my body, and I knew in that moment that was the look I had to wear to the show,” she says. “Also, we just had a gorgeous glam, sensual ’20s-inspired Miu Miu look for the New York premiere of Dune. We decided this would be a great opportunity to show how one sensational brand can capture the many sides of a woman.”

The final touch was a set of thick black rectangular frames by the brand, which Herrold wore days prior while speaking with me. They’re not just for the aesthetic; they’re prescription, too. (“It might be nice to be able to see the collection in its full glory,” she jokes).

When it comes to Herrold’s day-to-day style, comfort is key. “My skin starts to crawl if I don’t feel good.” She adds: “I’m usually in some form of sweats, especially if I’m not working.” She also likes adding a little pop of color, mixing textures, and combining casual and dressed-up pieces.

myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe

Later this year, though, she’ll be back in corporatecore as she reprises her leading role as Harper Stern for Industry’s third season. Getting back on set last year felt like a homecoming for the actress. “It feels very much like I have a strong community in that show.”

Here, more from Herrold about Miu Miu’s viral hot pants, Industry season 3, and her on- and off-screen bestie playing Amy Winehouse.

I feel like Miu Miu is the It brand right now. What is it that you love about it?

I mean right now, but also always. There’s something to be said about quality and craftsmanship that can withstand time, and I think Miu Miu is a perfect example of a brand that evolves and moves with the times and is also trend-setting, period, point blank. You said it’s like the It brand, and I think it just has always been that, and that has come to be because of a quiet confidence and an excellence in design. It’s just good. And also, I think they do a really brilliant job at appealing to a certain age, and a certain young person, but my opinion is that these clothes can be worn and absolutely slayed by anyone at any age, and that to me also is the mark of a really smart brand.

myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe
myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe

Speaking of trends, how do you feel about the very popular no-pants look that the label clearly set into motion?

I am here for it. I’ve been waiting for someone to give me permission to not wear pants.

Where was this all my life?

I know! Again, mixing masculine and feminine, putting someone in a hot pant and then an oversized jacket, or coat, or sweater, or whatever, and pairing it with some tights and a little kitten heel. So smart. It is just the right amount of sexy without making it overt. It allows that girl to feel in her femininity while also being like, I’m girl-bossing at the office. It was just really smart.

myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe

There was a moment last season on the runway where the models carried overstuffed bags. Do you fill your bag to the brim, or are you a mini bag girl? What are your essentials?

What are my essentials? My wallet, my chapstick, keys, phone, headphones of some kind. I feel like I’m kind of contained in terms of what’s in my bag. But bags are really an accessory to me. If I don’t have to put anything in my bag, I won’t. I’m notorious for putting all of my things in my coat pockets, and then the bag stays empty and beautiful.

It’ll keep its shape.

You know what I mean? I’m like, I’m going to keep the paper in there…if it’s a small bag, like a handbag, we don’t touch that, that stays perfect as it is. But I also love a huge oversized sort of duffle situation while I’m traveling. And in that I can keep all of my skin care, an extra pair of panties in case they lose my luggage, a snack or two, and a big bottle of water.

myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe

As a member of the Industry cast, do you have any styling advice for somebody who works in a corporate office? How can you have fun with that particular dress code?

Yeah, I don’t think I would necessarily recommend hot pants at the office if you want to keep your job. [Laughs.] But I’m also really big on having a couple of statement jackets or coats for the season….For someone in the office, accessories are good. A great jacket, a scarf, a pair of glasses, jewelry, and a bag, because you can’t get too crazy underneath there, I imagine. I only work in an office on TV, so I don’t know that I’m actually qualified to make any suggestions for people. I don’t want to get y’all in trouble!

Fair enough. How would you describe Harper’s journey in Industry season 3? After last season’s cliffhanger, I feel like she might have an interesting arc coming…

She sure does. Well, what I can say for sure is she’s still there, don’t worry. She’s still in the show. [Laughs.] But I really don’t want to spoil too much. I always hope for her that she wins. You know what I mean? I feel like Harper gets so close and it feels like success and then some craziness happens. What I hope for her in this coming season is a win. That’s what I’ll say.

myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe

You mentioned that you’re close with the cast; have you seen any of Marisa Abela’s work as Amy Winehouse?

I haven’t seen the film [Back to Black, which is about Amy Winehouse’s life]. Of course, I will be at the New York premiere. Hands down, it’s happening. I’ve seen some production stills. But she is just amazing. She really is amazing. I had the pleasure of interviewing her a few days ago, and we talked about the film, and I said to her then, “When you told me you got this film, I was immediately scared.” I was just like, “This is a huge undertaking.” Not even the fact that it was going to be hard. I was like, “If anybody could do it on a technical level, it’s you.” What an undertaking to do this film, considering the cultural and social impact, and the emotional impact that Amy has had on so many people.

And she was like, “I connected to Amy as a young girl. That’s the Amy that I really connected to.” And I was like, “See, this is the thing that I knew about you: you were going to find a beautiful, really honest way in,” and I was just sold. I was like, this is going to be great. You’re going to be so good in it. You’re going to do her justice. You’re going to do the fans justice as best you can. So I’m just really, really excited for her, and I’m really excited to see the movie. That’s bestie, for sure.

myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe

Last week when the service outages were happening, did you see people making references to Leave The World Behind?

Somebody told me about that! I think it was my mom. One of my mom’s friends made a Facebook post or something and sent it to my mom. And I was like, what? It didn’t occur to me at all, but then I was looking it up and I was like, oh, wow. I don’t blame them.

You really held your own against such a cast of titans in that film. What were some lessons that you learned from Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, and Ethan Hawke?

I think the biggest takeaway in terms of lessons was more just absorbing the way they lead by example. I never felt juniorized by any of them. Once we’re in that space, all the rest goes away, and we are just actors after a common goal to create a true moment, to do justice to a script. And because they just allowed me to come as I was, then I could really rise to the occasion. There was no icky external pressure of feeling like I needed to prove myself. We were all in that room together, and I’m really grateful and I have a huge appreciation for the fact that even after long and proven careers, they still had the same goal as I did. There was no, “Well, I don’t belong in this room with you.” They were never that way with me at all.

myhala herrold miu miu

Tyler Joe

After working with such big names, who else is on your dream collaborator list?

Speaking of Dune, I love Austin Butler. I think he’s so smart, and I would love to work with him someday. Also, Thomasin McKenzie. What is that movie she just did with Anne Hathaway?

Oh, Eileen.

Oh my God, yes. Dangerously underrated, that film. It is so good. I don’t know if anybody saw it. I was at a New York screening and I was just blown away. I’ve also met her and she’s really nice and normal, and I was like, you’re so talented, and it feels like nobody even understands how gifted you are, so I would love to work with her.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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