Evian has the best response to a homophobe who claimed water bottle design was ‘gay propaganda’


In the latest thing to tick off homophobes, a bottle of Evian water. (Twitter)

Fellas, is it gay to drink bottled water? That’s the question Twitter users asked after a user dumped a bottle of Evian with an LGBT-inclusive design in the bin.

The French company released a design of the bottle featuring a chic queer couple holding hand-in-hand as part of their ‘Prestige’ range last year.

When the line was first announced, it became a magnet for homophobic backlash.

Some critics denounced the brand for “promoting homosexuality” while others called for a boycott.

But even an entire year on, people remained enraged that a bottle of water has a gay couple on it.

Evian hits back at homophobe in hilarious way.

In a viral video posted to Twitter, a user ranted about the bottle design before tossing it into the bin.

He launched into an attack on the “propaganda” that the bottle has “imposed” by being stocked onto supermarket shelves.

The bottle design itself features two queer men walking by the Bastille, a landmark located in Paris’ gay district, Le Marais.

It is one of 12 designs by graphic artist Tiffany Cooper, detailing different Parisians strolling around the south bank and shopping neighbourhoods.

Despite the tweet tallying 1,400 shares, troves of people showed up in the user’s mentions to school him.

“Homophobes, they are so fragile,” expressed one user.

“Ouch, we are in 2019 and this guy is still living in the Middle Ages!” a user said.

Things took a turn when the Twitter account for Evian itself blasted the user’s tweet.

Armed with the wonders of the Dancing ASCII Man meme, the company called out the user in a way that could earn Evian the Nobel Peace Prize, to be honest:

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