The long-awaited trans Pride flag emoji is finally coming to phones in 2020


Unicode will bring in the two new trans emojis later this year. (Unicode)

Finally, after years of tenacious work by the Powerful Trans Lobby, Unicode has announced that it’s bringing in two new emojis for trans people.

The pink, white and blue trans Pride flag emoji and the trans symbol emoji are two of the 117 new emojis that the Unicode Consortium will release in 2020.

The trans community, which has been making do with a lobster emoji for a symbol of expression this whole time, will finally have not one but two emojis to use freely.

And we’re in good company. Other new emojis include: a rainbow-coloured piñata, a magic wand, a gender-neutral Mx Claus, a woman wearing a tuxedo and a man wearing a wedding dress and veil.

Emojis for trans folk have been a long time coming.

Last year, new “gender neutral” emojis were added – as were an otter and a flamingo, in what can only be interpreted as a nod to gay male and queer femme communities – but no trans Pride flag or symbol.

Worse was in 2017, when an update chose to add a sad-poop emoji over a trans Pride flag emoji.

Many trans people online were thrilled by the news.

Tea Uglow, a trans person who works at Google and was one of those who spent years trying to get the trans Pride flag emoji added, said: “Today we concluded four years of lobbying to get a trans flag emoji enshrined into Unicode.

“For trans folk being able to say ‘transgender’ in emoji and to be out and proud and let our allies visibly support us is a huge deal for our community.

“We’re really happy to have finally crossed into mainstream culture. It’s been an amazing team effort around the world.”

The trans Pride flag emoji and the trans symbol emoji will likely start becoming available on smartphones in September, according to Mashable.

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