Dataminers Find Clues For Potential Switch Version of ‘Resident Evil 3’?


The Resident Evil 3 demo has only been out for a better part of the week (read our take here), and already dataminers are delving into its code. Once such person, FluffyQuack (who is also the person behind the Fluffy Mod Manager 5000 for the Resident Evil 2 remake) has uncovered clues that point to RE3 potentially being released for the Nintendo Switch!?

Among a list of prompts and in-menu text for Resident Evil 3, there’s a set of notifications that are specific to which console you’re playing the game. Along with the usual PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One prompts is the inclusion of the Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, there are also references to visiting each platform’s digital storefront. And the Nintendo Switch eShop is also listed here.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily confirm that RE3 will be headed to Nintendo’s console, but it’s intriguing, nonetheless. After all, Resident Evil VII did release for the Switch, albeit in Japan only, and it was relegated to streaming from Capcom’s servers.

Then again, Capcom did say that they were looking to bring other streamable games to the platform, so perhaps there’s more to this, after all.

Resident Evil 3 hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 3, alongside Resident Evil Resistance.

Big props to RelyOnHorror for this!

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