George Lucas Almost Sold Star Wars Before Empire Strikes Back, Here’s Why He Didn’t


There are very few entertainment-related things on the Internet people like to argue about more than George Lucas and the decisions he made when it came to Star Wars, but regardless of how you feel, it’s worth remembering and taking into account how much he risked to bet on himself and bet on the future of Star Wars. He had a clear idea of the story he wanted to tell, and he gambled to retain that creative control (at least for a long time). 

Not a really high percentage of filmmakers would do that. Many would take the security, even if it left final say of their franchise in someone else’s hands. Then again, it’s also worth keeping in mind that fans have been just as vocal and found as many reasons to complain about Star Wars after Disney assumed control and started using its own ideas. I’m sure Lucas doesn’t miss that part at least.

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