Apple unveils 200 inclusive new emojis included ‘bearded women’ and interracial same-sex couples


Emojipedia announced updates to allow couples with different skin tones, new health emojis and new heart options. (Emojipedia/Twitter)

Apple has issued a new emoji update, adding 217 new emojis that include bearded women and couples with different skin tones in a move to make its products more inclusive.

The Apple iOS 14.5 update will include a raft of new emojis, including 200 different skin tone options for mixed- and same-sex couples, including male, female and gender-neutral designs.

A similar Apple update was previously issued for the “people holding hands” emojis in 2019 – now, users will also be able to customise the “couple with heart” emoji.

A bearded woman emoji will join the current bearded man emoji already available via Apple.

iOS 14.5 which is currently in beta testing and set for public release some time in spring. The drop will also include some additional COVID-19 related emojis, such as a syringe with clear liquid, to represent the vaccine.

There is a new face emoji that some think is coughing, but others say looks like smoking. There will also be two other new face emojis: a face with spiral eyes and a face in the clouds. Twitter has dubbed this trio “the stoner emojis”.

We’ll also get some more heart options, including a heart on fire and a heart mended with bandages.

The headphones emoji will also be updated to feature Apple’s own AirPods Max, rather than generic over-ear headphones.

Some people on Twitter have complained about the new Apple emojis – but not for the reason you’d think.

Numerous people took to Twitter after the release to praise the Apple releases, but also to complain that there is still no solid pink heart.

Others were upset that while emojis seem to be stepping up their diversity, there are still very few ginger-haired or bald emojis.

The move comes after last year’s Apple emoji update finally brought the trans flag emoji to the iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, it seems the wait for more LGBT+ flags isn’t over yet.

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