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Y’all are so talented and cool! More music soon? 

Thank you and thank you so much for hosting this interview! More music is in the works for sure. We’re working on a couple singles which will come out this year alongside some music videos. We’re also working on our first full length album which will come out in 2022…but before any of that comes out, we’re working on a visual music video for our entire Dunia EP! It’s a concept piece that ties the whole message of Dunia together, it’s edgy and fun. Full of energy, concepts and themes that will leave you pondering life!

Who are you most excited to hear your new music? 

The Earth Headz for sure! The Earth Headz are the best people ever who are a part of our exclusive community and honestly have given us so much more than we can ever give to them. Everyone in Earth Headz is a nature lover and the group has nothing but good vibes and authenticity which is huge for us because we honestly don’t know how to be anything other than ourselves. If you would like to be a part of our community…follow this link:

Who is your biggest critic? 

Ourselves for sure but not on a regular basis, it ebbs and flows between all of us…when one of us is being too hard on ourselves or super down, the rest of us step up to lift each other up! You know what they say though, you are your own worst critic.

What do you critique the most about yourselves? 

The speed at which things have elevated for us as a band, we want our growth to be on fire and we want to connect with more and more awesome people from around the world! It’s building for sure, we are kindling the fire!

How do you keep sure you’re not so hard on yourselves?

As much as we critique this aspect of our artistry we do understand that it’s part of being an independent artist. Instead of being signed to a label or having outside funding, we have to literally build every aspect of everything we do. Work to pay for everything ourselves, invest a ton of time, energy and love. That hard work is how we get through the tough days, reminding ourselves that we are driven and it will pay off!

What is the most important lesson an artist should know when they feel like their art is not good enough? 

Keep practicing and remember it’s not about it being good enough for other people, it’s about the expression releasing out of your body. It’s about sharing your story and who you are and what you believe in with the world!

You are close to some wonderful causes! Can you tell us about what you’re passionate about and want everyone to know about now? 

We are passionate about so many things these days! We believe in the power of connecting deeply to Mother Nature and stand behind this being the light at the end of the tunnel for future generations to come. We are innovative beings and if we sit back a bit and think more deeply about our consumerist tendencies, we will find that stuff will not bring us closer to ourselves. We need to get back to our roots and stop letting corporations run our lives, think local, think green, learn, evolve and be fearless when it comes to change. We can’t keep going the way we’ve always gone, we must pave the way to sustain this beautiful Earth home, we need her to survive!

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