Interview with Reverend Doctor


What was a childhood dream of yours? 

I had an incredibly overactive imagination, so there were a lot of them! My biggest ambition was probably an astronaut or pilot. I wanted to fly, and it’s still a bucket-list goal of mine.

Who do you turn to when you need someone most? 

My mom. I was on set last year and it wasn’t going well and my first thought was “I wish my mom was here”. Haha! Sometimes having people close that know you’re a weirdo but love you anyway can be super comforting.

What was the first song you remember playing on repeat that made you want to get into music? 

Haha! Uhh… Ace of Base “The Sign” or Real McCoy “Another Night”. Something about those early/mid 90’s grooves and male/female voices sparked something in me. I likely remember all the words to both those debut albums.

Tell us a story that you laugh about with your friends to this day? 

I was raised in a Good Christian Household. Faith was very important in my home. I was maybe 13 or 14, over at my mate’s house, he’s like my blood brother to this day. We were in the middle of a solid game session playing multiplayer Perfect Dark when my mom called me on the landline (which is a very old sentence, haha!). I tried to say if I could stay longer but she knew I had a project due tomorrow. I recall it like it was yesterday: she said “Well. You’re old enough. It’s between you and God. Love you. Bye”.

I hung up the phone and clearly must have looked like my soul left my body. My buddy was like “Holy crap, kid. What? What did she say??”

After a moment I told him “she said it’s between me and God”.

Him, also from a Good Christian Household, understood the weight of this moment: my mom was giving up her role as arbiter of right and wrong in my life and made me accountable to my own actions. For the first time in my life I truly felt the gravity of what it means to be responsible for your own actions.

The moment of silence my friend and I had afterwards you’d think someone had died.

I said “I think I have to go home”.

He said “yeah, I think you’d better.

We laugh about it to this day because we shared a moment of simultaneous existential crisis. It’s both a scary and a convincing thing to recognize “you can do anything!”, but also “you shouldn’t do everything”.

What is your favorite part of the music industry?

I think I’m pretty spoiled as an artist who puts my mission on par with my art. Having such a humanitarian focus, it’s likely the parts and people in the industry that are less savory self-curate themselves from working with me. While it all hasn’t been a cakewalk, my experience has been overall positive. Like any form of business there are always egos, politics, logistics and game-playing to contend with, but the people I meet are pretty great. I’ve always gravitated towards the freaks and weirdos, so forming my own rainbow-coalition of crazies that just want to put something good out into the world is pretty thrilling.

What’s your least? 

I’m great at organization, but it takes a lot of energy. Staying organized is a bummer. Haha!

What is a project you’re working on right now?

 Happy late women’s day! I am lucky enough to have really strong, crazy women in my life that taught me women are to be feared and revered. I’ve just finished writing and producing a single called “Woman Being” that I hope is much more directly tied into how the women in my life have made me the person I am today.

Where can fans find your music? 

 Everywhere music is streamed! Check me out on Spotify:

How do fans keep up with you?





End of Interview

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