Interview with Diva Emily Daccarett

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What was a childhood dream of yours? 

A childhood dream of mine was to perform in musicals, I love theatre! I wanted to do everything,  sing, dance, and design, perform….. work at Disney!

Who do you turn to when you need someone most? 

That’s easy my mom! I can always count on her advice whether it be for something personal or in  business.

What was the first song you remember playing on repeat that made you want to get into music? 

I would play on repeat The Little Mermaid and Beauty and Beast everyday and all I knew was that I  needed to be in the arts. The first song that I couldn’t escape and made it so clear that I needed to find  a way to express myself in songwriting, was Ballade de Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane  Birkin.  

Tell us a story that you laugh about with your friends to this day?

 Well it’s a story that keeps on repeating itself. I have a superpower! I can and will fall asleep in the  middle of a banger party and will sleep through it while people dance, shout, and jump all around me.  So my friends just know they have to keep an eye on me and someone always comes to join my little  sleep session so they can rest up too.

 What is your favorite part of the music industry? 

There is so much support among us indie artists and it feels more like we are all family.

What’s your least? 

I’m inspired by being around people who work in music for the love of it, so I try to stay away from  the people who only care about fame and money.

What is a project you’re working on right now? 

I have new music coming out! My new single Fading Memories is out March 18th and the album Yours  Always will be out at the end of April! I’m also working on producing some cool videos for this album that  will continue the story in Yours Always.

Where can fans find your music? 

You can find my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, any streaming platform. How do fans keep up with you?

We can connect here!

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