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What has been the highlight of 2021 so far? 

Today I was interviewed on my hometown news station Living East Tennessee the tv show. It meant so much to me because growing up all I wanted was for people in my hometown to understand my vision for myself. In the past I was too shy to even perform and sing there so it just means more than I can explain to be recognized. I’m also so honored to be on the cover of Bsquared Magazine for April.

Where are you going next with your music? 

I want to make more pop dance tracks that make people inspired to live! And just the kind of songs you want to blast at a party or on a boat. I also want to make more songs that are very stripped down acoustic style versions of my voice.

Talk to us about ‘Can’t Let You Go’, what kind of release was this for you?  

The song is very honest for me. I’ve always been someone with an open heart who is way too forgiving. With guys I’ve dated sadly, this song is about more than one because I found myself many times in the situation where I would trust someone again who completely just fed me lines, got me to fall in love for them and then ghosted me. Writing this song was like therapy to me because it was a realization that I kept repeating the same pattern because I was too hopeful that the same type of guy could work for me. I hope it opens people’s eyes if they are in that kind of toxic situation that they don’t have to keep repeating the same pattern. Love yourself more than someone who only sees you as an option. That was a huge lesson for me.

Who is motivating you with their music currently? 

Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa. If it wasn’t for them releasing music I wouldn’t be inspired at all right now. I love both of them as artists, as people, as performers- I don’t feel like either one of them get enough credit.

Is there a collaboration in the works for you that you’re looking forward to? 

I would love to Collab with my best friend and one of my favorite singers Alexandra Fresquez. She just relocated and is living her dreams in Nyc so I’m hoping we can find inspiration there for a Collab.


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New song “can’t let you go”  iTunes Can’t Let You Go – Single by Dina Renee


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