Minecraft Player Creates Target Block Course To Show Off Parkour Skills


An incredibly talented Minecraft player has created a parkour course that utilizes a series of platforms activated by shooting target blocks. The result is a gauntlet of high intensity that requires heart-pounding precision to avoid falling from the sky.

Mojang Studios’ insanely popular sandbox title Minecraft has exploded to even greater heights in recent years thanks to the community’s continued support. Players participate in sharing, creating, and playing a host of worlds with engaging activities that keep fans coming back for whatever surprise awaits them that day. The r/Minecraft subreddit is one of the best places for players to find and share new and exciting creations. As the parkour genre of activities in Minecraft has become increasingly popular online, videos of amazing parkour feats have become more frequent occurrences. Recently, user choofxd posted a video on Reddit of their remarkable skills edited seamlessly across the various Minecraft biomes.

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Now, user TheSavageTeddy has taken to Reddit to display their incredible skill in their own unique Minecraft creation: a parkour gauntlet created with target blocks. In the one-minute video TheSavageTeddy posted in r/Minecraft, the player perfectly snipes a sequence of bullseyes with their bow and arrow in order to temporarily activate a series of platforms as they breeze across the sky. One misstep means falling to certain doom.

Watching the video is its own test of endurance as TheSavageTeddy narrowly escapes plummeting to the ground, seemingly every second. They zig and zag and bounce and fall from platform to platform in a stunning display of parkour expertise, shooting every target along the way. The video concludes with TheSavageTeddy walking along a narrow platform, sniping six targets at progressively farther distances without a single miss as fireworks explode in celebration, before finally falling to one last platform below with a diamond block and a sign that simply reads, “POG.” In the comments below the video, TheSavageTeddy provides a YouTube video link, as well as links to “the first map I made, the second one (one in this video) and an unfinished one.”

Videos like this one that spread online are what keep the Minecraft scene so vibrant and interesting. The game has become a medium for creators to express themselves and players to engage with a constant supply of cool creations. The Minecraft team at Mojang Studios has continued to support the game with additional content, and the Caves & Cliffs update is still on the way, but user creations and playable game types allow Minecraft to maintain its steam between updates. Indeed, the players are what keep Minecraft so charming.

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Source: TheSavageTeddy/Reddit

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