[Video] Capcom Parodies Japanese Pop Music in Newest Japanese ‘Resident Evil Village’ Ad


While it’s safe to say that Capcom probably will never top their TV ad for the original Resident Evil 2, they can try with an entirely different route with Resident Evil Village. The latest Japanese ad for the upcoming title certainly has them going in an entirely “out there” direction (at least for Western audiences).

The ad in question (more like a music video, really) is done in a music video style that parodies Japanese pop music from the 1980s, sung by famous Enka singer Yoshi Ikuzo.

Capcom has taken Ikuzo’s iconic song “Ora Tōkyō sa Iguda”, redone the song’s lyrics and named it “Orera Konna Mura Iyada Lv.100.” The resultant video plays clips of Ikuzo performing and reacting to scenes found within Resident Evil Village.

And yes, even Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters show up (because at this point, why not?).

Resident Evil Village creeps onto the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Google Stadia, and PC via Steam on May 7th.

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