‘V/H/S/94’ Star Anna Hopkins Gets Trapped in a ‘Tin Can’ During a Global Plague [Exclusive Clip]


Making the festival rounds (Sitges, Fantasia, Popcorn Frights) is Seth A. Smith‘s (The Crescent) sci-fi thriller, Tin Can, which stars V/H/S/94‘s Anna Hopkins as a front-lines parasitologist who is imprisoned in a life-suspension chamber as the world faces a deadly plague.

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive clip from the film in which we see Hopkins struggling in her “tin can”, while another captive compares it to being born again. It’s not comforting.

Here’s a longer synopsis, courtesy of Fantasia:

“A fungal infection by the name of Coral is ravaging wintry Eastern Canada, and the rest of the world. Leading parasitologist Fret (Hopkins) is working on ways to control the strange life-form when she is brutally kidnapped. Intubated and weak, she wakes up in a life-suspension chamber – a human-sized tin can – placed in a dark and damp brutalist facility where others are seemingly enduring the same fate. Who put her there and to what end? What brave new world awaits outside? As she struggles to escape and learn of her fellow inmates’ similar predicaments, unresolved trauma comes bubbling up the surface of her mind and might just hold the key to her freedom.”

Michael Ironside, Kristin Langille, Simon Mutabazi, and Chik White also star.

Watch for any distribution news as it comes in.

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