Horror FPS ‘CULTIC’ Has You Blowing up Cultists in Pixelated Gory Glory [Trailer]


With their participation in Dread X Collection 5 now available, developer Darkstone Digital is turning to their other title, The Mortuary Assistant, which will now be heading to Steam on August 2.

The upcoming first-person horror title puts you in the shoes of Rebecca Owens, a recent Mortuary Sciences grad who’s starting an apprenticeship at the spooky River Fields Mortuary. As these things go, late one night, you are called into work to handle some embalmings. But there’s something different about these bodies, because there is something different about you. The phone rings with the Mortician on the other end. It seems that those rumors about possession and demonic acts are true, and you can’t leave.

As a result, in The Mortuary Assistant, you’ll be facing demonic banishments, creepy puzzles, detailed mortician tasks, and multiple endings. Each playthrough of The Mortuary Assistant features different demons, bodies, and scares that are custom tailored to your playthrough. You’ll need to balance your tasks at the mortuary with hunting for clues. Brave the dark hallways and pay close attention to details if you wish to walk away with your soul intact.

The scary bits don’t just end with the demons. As a mortuary assistant, you have duties to perform. Namely, making incisions on the dead, pumping their remaining blood out, retrieving them from the cold storage, and conducting embalmings. It just so happens that things get difficult once your cadavers start wandering around…

If you’re eager to check out the game before you buy it, The Mortuary Assistant has a demo available now.

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