Latest Developer Diary for ‘Hell Is Us’ Looks at Themes of Story and Exploration [Watch]


Nacon and developer Rogue Factor showed off more of their upcoming action adventure game Hell is Us at Nacon Connect late last week with a brand-new developer diary video. Hosted by Rogue Factor’s Creative Director for Hell is Us, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, the video revealed more details about the game’s themes.

In this developer diary entry, Jacques-Belletête goes over the distinct “narrative layers” in Hell is Us, starting with “exploration and discovery”. From there, the theme of “human emotions and passions” is discussed, and specifically how they relate to human conflicts and “all the horrors and the atrocities and bloodshed that we can bring”.

And throughout the dev diary, while we don’t see any new footage from the game, we do get to see the various concept artwork that Rogue Factor has put together for the game. The art does bring forward the ideas of player-driven gameplay, frenetic and stylish combat combined with exploration, all set against what sounds like engrossing storytelling.

Hell is Us centres on a country being torn apart by civil war. A mysterious event has taken place that sees the arrival of supernatural creatures that no modern weapon can defeat. Armed with a drone and sword, it’s up to you to battle these mysterious creatures and discover how they arrived in your time.

Hell is Us is currently in development for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store for 2023. You can also hit up the official site to see more of the surreal visuals for the game.

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