Chapter III of ‘FAITH: The Unholy Trinity’ is Technically “Finished”


It’s hard to argue that Resident Evil isn’t the king of Survival Horror. And fans know that Capcom’s Sweet Home is considered one of the granddaddies of the genre. But it’d be nice if a studio paid tribute to the latter for once, wouldn’t it? That’s what Spiral Bound Interactive are doing with their newly-announced Survival Horror title in You Will Die Here Tonight.

Set to arrive in Fall 2022 on Steam, You Will Die Here Tonight mixes aspects of Sweet Home with Resident Evil: players will guide six members of the ARIES Division through a mansion from a top-down pre-rendered 3D perspective as they track down a dangerous killer. Problem is, the mansion is crawling with zombies. Ammo is scarce, so you’ll often have to resort to running. However, when running is no longer an option, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch to fully 3D first-person combat.

However, should one of your team members succumb in You Will Die Here Tonight (and they will), you’ll have to continue on as one of the surviving members of ARIES. In doing so, you’ll be building upon their progress, and in some cases, have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Each of the six members have their own unique skills and motives that will shape how they confront the horrors of their mission. That includes just how far each of them will go for the greater good. None of them are pure heroes, but neither are they villains.

“The story I always tell about the inspiration to make this game was renting the first Resident Evil as a kid but not owning a memory card for my PlayStation,” says Jonathan Williams, Creative Director of Spiral Bound Interactive. “I had no way of saving my progress, so I had to try and beat the game in a single sitting. I will never forget how intense that was. I remember getting run over by boulders in the caverns section of the game or having my head sliced off by a hunter leaping in from off-screen. I have never felt this amount of tension in a survival horror game since, so I wanted to recreate my experiences and share that with others through our game.”

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