Psychological Horror Game ‘DarKnot’ Gives off Shades of ‘Silent Hill’ [Trailer]


We all know how creepy the moments of trudging through Silent Hill were for many players, and it would seem that indie studio DarKnot Team has taken cues with their upcoming psychological horror title DarKnot. In a recent devlog post, the devs detailed more of the creepiness to come for the game, which will be headed to Steam Early Access very soon.

Focusing on immersion and exploration, DarKnot sees you alone in an endless labyrinth of an abandoned city, with no recollection of this world or even of yourself. That “seemingly abandoned” part quickly changes, as you’re quickly pursued by otherworldly creatures. Along with the rest of your team, you’ve got to maintain your sanity through it all in order to survive and escape.

DarKnot employs a sort of class system of four character types, allowing you can play the game the way you want. A Warrior focuses on combat, while an Explorer relies on searching for hidden objects, and avoid fights. A Survivor will focus on gathering resources and crafting, while picking when to fight. If you want to go the stealth route, the Fugitive avoids all combat while utilizing tarot cards to stay hidden, but at the cost of your health and sanity.

The DarKnot team has focused on replayability, designing the lore in such a way where you will be able to shape your story for a new experience every time you play the game. There’s also the focus on survival, where each time you die affects the plot of your story, ultimately changing your playthrough.

While the team hasn’t announced an official release date yet, you can check out the demo that’s available on the game’s Steam page.

Thanks to DreadXP for the heads up.

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