‘V Rising’ Gets Massive Halloween Update, Free Time-Limited DLC [Trailer]


Publisher Aerosoft and developer Thera Bytes have announced that their undead treatment lab builder Zombie Cure Lab (which made an appearance over the summer during Steam Next Fest) has an Early Access release date on Steam on December 7. Zombie Cure Lab will also launch in Early Access with a time-limited 20% discount on top of its $24.99 USD price.

In Zombie Cure Lab, as the world faces a zombie apocalypse, the last remaining humans hide underground, emerging to find a whole heap of zombies where their friends once stood. Luckily, all it’ll take is a little ingenuity to cure the walking dead so that they can become allies once again.

But before you get to that, you’ll need to set your colony of scientists to survive. Prepare for the first night with fortifications and a rudimentary base, giving the scientists just enough stability and defence to stay alive. Once that’s been accomplished, you’ll need to set traps for the zombies and attempt to snag one. Once caught, haul it back to the lab and attempt to reverse the infection.

Once they’re cured, it’s up to you to manage the workforce, both original scientists and newly converted human-zombie hybrids alike, to keep them happy and hearty, ready to research and work. Setup kitchens, recreational spaces, and other creature comforts. Research and unlock sci-fi tech like freeze rays and barriers to capture more zombies. But be careful. If you neglect your population of cured humans, they may just revert to their flesh-craving ways.

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