‘The Keep’ – F. Paul Wilson’s Horror Novel Getting a New Adaptation from Greg Nicotero


Published in 1981, F. Paul Wilson‘s The Keep was turned into a feature film just two years later by Michael Mann, and the author reveals this week that a new movie is coming soon.

F. Paul Wilson announced on Twitter just last night, “2 days ago, after a year and a half of lawyering between the “purchaser” and my side at ICM, I signed an option/purchase agreement with Greg Nicotero for the remake of The Keep. Greg is a longtime fan of the book and he’s got the chops to do a worthy adaptation.”

F. Paul Wilson was famously unhappy with Paramount’s 1983 movie adaptation of The Keep, which was marred by studio interference and ended up being a bomb at the box office.

Stay tuned for more on Nicotero’s planned adaptation as we learn it.

A master makeup effects artist who has become a respected filmmaker and producer, Greg Nicotero was a pivotal member of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” family, and he also created Shudder’s “Creepshow” anthology series. Nicotero is the “N” in the legendary KNB EFX Group.

In F. Paul Wilson’s The Keep, “When an elite SS extermination squad is dispatched to solve a problem in a small castle high in the remote Transylvanian Alps, the men find a something that’s both powerful and terrifying. Invisible and silent, the enemy selects one victim per night, leaving the bloodless and mutilated corpses behind to terrify its future victims.

“The Nazis bring in a local expert on folklore―who just happens to be Jewish―to shed some light on the mysterious happenings. And unbeknownst to anyone, there is another visitor on his way―a man who awoke from a nightmare and immediately set out to meet his destiny.

“The battle has begun: On one side, the ultimate evil created by man, and on the other…the unthinkable, unstoppable, unknowing terror that man has inevitably awakened.”

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