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Kinetic Games recently unleashed another portion of their major overhaul of Phasmophobia with the new Tempest Update. Version of Phasmophobia brings with it a revamped weather system, adjustments to ghosts and the reward system, gameplay tweaks and more.

The biggest change in the update comes with the “Weather 2.0”, which reintroduces fog into Phasmophobia (which has gotten a visual overhaul), tweaks to existing weather such as rain and snow, and also brings new graphic options into the game, such as sky light (“for enabling sun or moonlight in each location”).

Ghosts have also received tweaks, both individually and overall. For example, hunting ghosts’ model flickers are now synced across all players (which aids in the hunt photo reliability). The Revenant has received a tweak in its speed, while Goryo has had its rules changed for roaming.

Items have also seen tweaks and graphical improvements. Crucifixes can now be placed wherever the player chooses, and the item includes a visual representation of its range to show you its effect on the environment.

The update also includes the usual fixes for small bugs, ranging from computer monitors in the prison no longer turn on when the power is off, to squashing a bug involving your inventory breaking if you grab more than one item before joining a game.

And as a holiday treat, from now until Early January, you can take part in the Phasmophobia 2022 Holiday event, which can see you earn a Unique Holiday Trophy for your collection, as well as an exclusive Holiday ‘22 ID card and badge. You can find out more about the Event by clicking on the Holiday Sticker on the main menu.

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