‘The House of the Dead: Remake’ Heads to PlayStation 5 on January 20th [Trailer]


You have to give credit to the team at Striking Distance Studios for trying to take on EA and their upcoming Dead Space remake with The Callisto Protocol. However, judging from the initial sales of The Callisto Protocol, and the game’s quality, things haven’t gone the way they intended.

Per GamesIndustry.biz, analysts have lowered sales targets for The Callisto Protocol, citing the game’s current sales. According to analyst firm Samsung Securities, publisher Krafton’s expected sales of The Callisto Protocol were in the 5 million copies range, but now states that cumulative sales of 2 million copies “will not be easy until this year.”

As for why the game hasn’t performed up to financial expectations, Yonhap News Agency site K-Odyssey attributes the reception of The Callisto Protocol to its focus on development. “The problem is that Krafton spent a significant amount of money on the production of The Callisto Protocol.” Indeed, Krafton’s business report and quarterly report states that the company paid about $158 million USD to Striking Distance Studios last year. Coupled with the game’s mixed reception upon release (including our own), and the decision to adjust the game’s sales forecast sadly comes at no surprise.

One hopes that there’s still time for the developers to turn things around for The Callisto Protocol. The spiritual successor to Dead Space will be receiving its first postlaunch content next month.

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