Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is the Biggest Badass In Salem?


Megan and Kristen were sprung from jail and moved into the Dimera mansion.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Kate, a Days fan, and our friends from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate whether Sloan’s going to pull a DNA switcheroo, if Brady is destined to end up with Kristen, who is the most badass woman in Salem, and more!

And if you could have regular Brady or Dimera family dinners, which would you choose? Read on to see what our round table thinks…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

With Megan, Kristen, EJ, Nicole, Stefan, Gabi, and possibly Dimitri soon all under one roof, would you like to see regular Dimera family dinners, or would you prefer Brady family dinners instead?

Jack: Why not both? We don’t have enough family dinners or family ANYTHING in Salem these days!

If I can only have one, I’ll choose the Bradys. There’s enough family drama to go around there, with people like Brady and Eric constantly dating women no one likes, family members fighting over the same love interest, etc.

The Dimeras are all trying to literally stab each other in the back, and while the snark is entertaining right now, it would get old after a while!

That said, I can never get enough of Anna and Tony, so perhaps Roman could make Anna an honorary Brady since she’s his ex-wife and the mother of his daughter. That way, we can have the best of both worlds.

Kate: Out of those two options, definitely DiMera family dinners. I want to see all the plotting and scheming that happens at that table while they all pretend to just sip champagne and make small talk.

Christine: I vote for Dimera family dinners. Growing up, I recall watching Quatermaine family dinners on General Hospital and Ewing family dinners on Dallas, and they were some of the best scenes.

Nothing against the Bradys, but I don’t know that their drama can compare to the Dimera’s snarkiness, deceit, and double-dealings. But knowing that Days of Our Lives has been renewed, maybe there’s time to have both family dinners in the future. 

Do you think EJ will kick Nicole out of the house if he knows she’s pregnant and Eric is possibly the father?

Jack: Yes, but not for the reason she thinks. If Nicole had told EJ the truth from the beginning, he would have understood. He understood that the sex was due to the drugged biscuits, so why wouldn’t he understand that it could lead to pregnancy?

But now, Nicole’s lied to him. This is exactly why his relationship with Sami imploded — it wasn’t Sami’s affair with Lucas, but that she lied when he gave her multiple chances to come clean and be forgiven.

Nicole comforted him after that, so her choice to lie now will feel like a double betrayal.

Kate: I really don’t get why Nicole didn’t tell EJ from the start, considering he already knows that she slept with Eric while…how should I say, under the influence?

I think EJ will be mad that she lied for so long, and this will definitely be a breaking point in their relationship, but I don’t know if he’ll immediately kick her out.

I also wonder if Anna might overrule EJ’s attempts to kick Nicole out.

Christine: I hope not. But like they say, it’s not the crime that gets you; it’s the coverup. EJ will take not knowing about this baby and all the lies she’s used to keep him in the dark as a betrayal.

But if there’s still the possibility that she’s carrying his child, he may want to keep her close until they know the paternity results. I know I’m being idealistic, but EJ did say he loves Nicole, and my hope is that love will win out over EJ’s temper.

Will Sloan really get Eric’s DNA for Nicole, or will she switch it with someone else’s?

Jack: I think Sloan will take her own DNA and say it’s Eric’s. She doesn’t want Eric to be the father and is determined to ensure that the test doesn’t say he is.

Kate: I hope Sloan and Nicole team up because that would be a really interesting dynamic when Nicole and Eric eventually get back together, but we can’t fully trust Sloan right away.

I just honestly can’t think of another direction Sloan could go with the DNA scheme either than help Nicole, though she certainly could have something up her sleeve.

Christine: Nicole being pregnant is a game changer for Sloan. I hope Sloan has enough self-esteem to only want Eric if he wants her. (Wouldn’t that be a twist in Salem?) If that’s the case, she will actually try to get Eric’s DNA. Whether she’ll be able to pull it off is another matter.

Colin and Talia are alive after falling off a building. Are you happy to see they’re still in Salem, and what do you expect next from them?

Jack: I may be in the minority, but I don’t hate Talia or wish she was off the show. I hope that she is made to take responsibility for her part in this while also recognizing that Colin manipulated and abused her and that he used her emotional vulnerabilities against her.

Talia deserves punishment but also needs help, and I’d love for Days to navigate that tricky situation.

As for Colin, he has no redeeming values, and I’d like him to go to jail and never be heard from again (hopefully, he doesn’t make friends with Orpheus, who can teach him how to keep a vendetta going for decades!)

I’m glad he didn’t die, but it’s time for him to go. If he had killed himself, Sloan would spend the next six months claiming Chanel killed him and that Chanel is a “serial rooftop killer,” which nobody needs!

Kate: I’m happy they’re both still alive, but there are some things I’m hoping they’ll change about this storyline.

Firstly, I think Talia should go to Marlena for counseling after her emotionally abusive relationship with Colin. I also hope more people realize Sloan really was trying to stop her brother, and she isn’t to blame.

Christine: Only in Salem do two people survive a fall off the roof. Yeah, I don’t mind that they survived this storyline so far. Talia has some serious issues that need to be addressed, and I’m hoping the show decides to go that route.

And as for Colin…well, the show did rehabilitate a serial killer, so anything is possible. I do think he needs to go to prison but won’t be surprised if Sloan gets him a stint in Bayview instead.

Will Brady stand his ground and keep himself and Rachel away from Kristen, or do you think he and Kristen will eventually become a couple again?

Jack: Of course, they’ll be back together — just as Chloe decides that her relationship with Xander isn’t enough and that she wants Brady back. What else is new?

People are already pulling the “but she’s Racehl’s mother” card. That does NOT mean that Brady has to have any meaningful relationship with Kristen, nor is it necessarily in Rachel’s best interest to have Kristen in her life, especially when Kristen has already been poisoning her mind.

But I fully expect that to be the reason Brady and Kristen keep spending time together and eventually reconcile romantically.

Kate: In all honesty, I hope Kristen wears him down. While it is unhealthy in a plethora of ways, I love watching Kristen and Brady.

But I am rather annoyed by this much more broody, judgy side of Brady that is spilling over to his everyday life from his stress with Kristen. I’d also love to see how everyone else would react to seeing them back together.

Christine: Kristen is horrible, but Brady falls for her time and time again, so I’m not expecting anything different here.

And while trying to turn your could against you’re ex’s new partner is despicable, it’s also not usually a reason for a parent to lose custody of their child. So expect the drama over Rachel will continue and eventually bring these two closer together.

Who is the most badass woman in Salem right now?

Jack: Kate! I love that she takes no BS from anyone and that she has no fear of Dimitri and his goons. She talked Bo out of shooting her, almost cut a goon’s finger off, and stared down death three times without blinking an eye.

Kate: I’d have to say Chanel. She stood her ground against Talia and Colin and was able to keep coming for Paulina while giving the cops the information they needed.

Christine: I’ve got to go with Kate. Yes, she can go to extremes, especially for her kids, but nothing stops her. She stands up to anyone, regardless of their size or power. And even if she’s in a fight she can’t win, you know Kate is going down swinging.

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

Jack: Andrew’s kidnapping is nothing but a plot point. There was no story here. Andrew was kidnapped, the good guys gave in to the bad guys, and Andrew came home. The end.

Nobody tried to rescue him rather than give in to Dimitri’s demands, and Paul sat around complaining to John that he should be doing something to help instead of going on a rescue mission.

To add insult to injury, Shane wasn’t even on-screen. How do you do a story about Shane’s son being kidnapped and not include Shane? And since when does he, or any ISA agent, give in to kidnappers without a fight?

Also, someone needs to give both Anna and Nicole a crash course on how to keep secrets under wraps.

Nicole at least realized for once that Anna shouldn’t be talking about her secret in public, but why did Anna think the middle of a restaurant was a risk-free place to have this conversation, especially when she knew Tony was on his way to meet her there?

Nicole shouldn’t trust Sloan or tell her ANYTHING, either. I wasn’t happy with her acting like Sloan was her best friend and partner in crime all of a sudden.

Kate: Everyone blaming Sloan for her brother’s actions really bothered me. For once, Sloan wasn’t in the wrong here, yet she was antagonized for everything Colin did.

Christine: Was Brady really giving Marlena attitude for agreeing to have dinner with Sloan and Eric? Marlena and John let Kristen move into their home to help Brady! After that, what’s one dinner with a woman they barely know.

Jada was quick to arrest Colin but wouldn’t have arrested Talia if Chanel hadn’t forced her to do it. That makes it clear that Jada should not be involved with this case.

And Anna’s pregnancy story made my head hurt. And with what we know about Camilla Banus, Gabi’s scenes with Stefan didn’t pack the emotional punch I had hoped they would. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline in Salem this week?

Jack: As much as I thought Anna was being ridiculous, I loved her interactions with Tony. Tony did a great job of pretending to go along with her nonsense and then gently confronting her. It was so much fun!

I also was glad that Chanel stood up to Rafe and Jada and insisted that they arrest Talia in this Days of Our Lives quote

Rafe: Chanel, I can’t say anything until I speak to the DA.
Chanel: Okay, well I’m just going to tell you this. One way or another, Talia Hunter is not getting away with this.
Rafe: Yeah. All right. [gets up] Jada. There you are! How you holding up?
Jada: Fine. I just arrested Colin Bedford.
Chanel: And what about your sister?
Jada: I think she’s gonna be okay.
Chanel: I wasn’t inquiring aftert her health.
Rafe: Yeah, Chanel’s been telling me everything.
Chanel: That your sister is just as guilty as Colin Bedford! Only, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, am I? So. You arrested him. Now what about her?
Jada: I…
Chanel: Look, I’m gonna go make sure my mom is okay. Because you see, she’s worried that her husband might die because he got in Colin and Talia’s way. So. If your sister is not arrested tonight, I will be calling the DA and alerting the media.

Chanel and Sloan agree on something for once, and they’re both right — Talia should not get special treatment because she’s Jada’s sister.

Kate: On the flip side of my response to the last question, Eric’s continuous support of Sloan was one of my favorite things. While Eric is by far one of my least favorite characters, he stood up for Sloan on several occasions, and I applaud him for it.

Christine: Once again, Xander and Chloe were all kinds of cute together. And it’s difficult to go wrong with Xander shirtless and wearing a toolbelt, even if he’s clueless about how to use them.

Now it’s your turn, Days fans. Hit that SHOW COMMENTS BUTTON below to tell us which Salemite annoyed you the most.

Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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