Days of Our Lives Round Table: Which Crazy Character Should Go?


Is Stefan about to die? Should Brady fight for custody of his unborn child? Do you want Sarah to leave Salem? Which character should get more air time and which one should get tossed?

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Stephanie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate all of that and more in this week’s round table.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Are there too many crazy characters with violent tendencies in Salem? Which one would you get rid of if you could?

Stephanie: Yes, there are absolutely too many crazy characters with violent tendencies in Salem! It seems like every month, a new character goes crazy and loses his or her mind.

If I could get rid of one right now, I think I would get rid of Kristen. She doesn’t bring anything but grief and misery to Salem, and her obsession with Brady is tiresome.

Jack: Omg yes. The current writers think mental illness = violent. Currently, this Jordan story adds nothing of value. Send her back to Bayview and be done with it.

Christine: Yes! There is always someone waving a gun or trying to set someone on fire.

Just in the last two weeks, Kristen tried to steal another woman’s embryo, Vivian shot Kate, Henry tried to slit Jennifer’s throat, and Jordan appears to have attempted to run down Ciara. The sheer craziness gets tiring after a while.

Personally, I want Vivian gone. I love the actress but this version of Vivian has added nothing to the show. She’s simply been brought back to put Stefan in harm’s way. 

If Stefan is truly brain dead, will you miss him?

Stephanie: I think I will miss Stefan if he is truly dead. He has grown as a character, and I like his relationship with Gabi. Now that they have stopped hating each other, they have a solid relationship and are actually happy.

I find it sad that the possibility of this relationship ending with a death so soon after it started is looming. There are not enough happy couples with members who are truly accepting of their partner’s flaws in Salem.

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Jack: A little. Stefan has never been my favorite, and I will always hate how they whitewashed his rape of Abigail, but I like how Brandon Barash plays him.

Christine: Brandon Barash’s portrayal of Stefan has made me forget everything that came before him.

Gabi and Stefan have such great chemistry and they’re a fun couple! Days doesn’t have many of those. They’ve just started to hit their stride and it would be extremely disappointing to see that cut short. They are one of the few couples who keep me tuning in recently.

Is Marlena right? Should Brady try and sue for full custody of his and Kristen’s child?

Stephanie: I agree with Marlena’s suggestion for Brady to try to sue for full custody of his child with Kristen. It is the only way he is going to be able to show her that he does not want her in his life.

If he tries to finagle a joint custody situation, she will use it to her advantage to win him back, and I don’t think Brady is strong enough to work with her on anything without giving in to his feelings for her.

Jack: Yes, but only if Victor is 100% on board with protecting Brady and the baby from Kristen.

Christine: No! Kristen will fight him with her dying breath. She will make his life a living hell.

Even if the judge rules in Brady’s favor she will kidnap that baby and go on the run if she needs to. Kristen thinks she loves Brady but that will change if he tries to take the child she’s always wanted.

Suing Kristen for custody is a sure road to misery.

Should Sarah consider leaving Salem? Do you want her to go?

Stephanie: I can understand why Sarah wants to leave Salem, but I don’t think running away is the best solution for her. Everyone who can help her raise her child is right there in Salem.

At this point, I don’t want her to go because it seems as though she is finally starting to appreciate Xander, and I think he will be her biggest supporter as she tries to work through her pregnancy.

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Jack: I would love to get rid of Sarah and her eternal whining. But she is making yet another selfish decision by running away just so Eric won’t know he’s a father. Grow up already!

Christine: I can see why she’d want to. Watching Eric and Nicole make googly eyes at one another is nauseating even without the morning sickness.

No matter what she tells Eric, I hope she stays in Salem. Not only does she have family there but watching her and Xander get closer has been adorable. I love the way the show is building their relationship slowly (they never do that anymore) and I’m not ready to give that up!

Which character in Salem would you like to see get more airtime?

Stephanie: I would like to see Haley get more airtime. She has barely been on since Tripp left, and I feel that her storylines are constantly dropped or wrapped up in a very rushed way.

We have never really had a chance to fully get to know her as a character, and she has been on the show for almost a year. I would like to see how her relationship with Melinda is developing now that she knows she’s her mother.

Jack: JJ. He is always shoved into the background when he should be a leading character!

Christine: Roman. Why hasn’t he been to the hospital to see Kate? I’ve always loved their chemistry. I’d also love to see him interact with more characters and have a real storyline for himself for a change.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline for this week?

Stephanie: I liked the scene in which Xander fought to keep Sarah in Salem. He was completely honest about his feelings for her and also admitted that she makes him want to be a better person.

I found it very sweet that he wants to change for her! I also like how he took care of her after their conversation by making her a sandwich and tucking her in with a blanket.

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Jack: I loved all things Jack (though talking to Eve was a waste of breath). I also loved the Doug/Julie scenes. As sad as this story is, I want more of it! This is the romance, love, and family orientation that the show is so often missing.

Christine: Xander and Sarah were my definite favorite which is shocking because I used to hate Sarah. But she is more vulnerable with Xander who never expects her to be perfect and he tries very hard to be honest with and a better person for Sarah. Every scene between these two make me want to see more.

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