Grey’s Anatomy’s Charmed Reunion Did Not Go As Expected

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Well we certainly weren’t expecting that casting stunt to turn out to be quite so…ridiculous. 

As part of ABC’s Cast from the Past week, Grey’s Anatomy welcomed Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, who starred together on Charmed, where Grey’s executive producers Krista Vernoff and Andy Reaser were writers back in the day. 

They played sisters once again, and spent the entire episode bickering over what to do about their brain dead sister, who had fallen into a construction site and was now a patient at Pac-North under the care of Richard Webber. They argued forever and finally agreed to pull the plug, and then after a heartfelt moment where they said goodbye, and instructed Heather to go towards the light, Combs’ character got a phone call. 

It was Heather! Someone stole her phone! And so the Charmed sisters spent the entire episode arguing over whether to pull the plug on a complete stranger and a purse thief. 

Elsewhere, Jo had to Facetime Meredith during surgery in order to convince a patient to actually get the surgery, and Qadri got so angry that Bailey wouldn’t just rehire Meredith for all the doctors who had come to work there because of Meredith that she got fired too, which is a really interesting tactic on Bailey’s part. 

While Amelia and Link struggled with whether to tell people about their baby (and eventually surprised Mer and DeLuca with it at the end of the night), the worst storyline reared its ugly head once again. Jackson has quickly moved on with Vic of Station 19, and Maggie’s still being a jerk about it. 

Remember, we’re mad at both Jackson and Maggie in this situation, and we are not mad at Vic. She’s just trying to move on with her life after her boyfriend DIED, and here’s Jackson (who, if you’ll remember, is extremely hot) whispering sweet nothings into her ear while he patches up her head wound. But Jackson and Maggie are acting as if they had the worst relationship in the history of relationships, when they didn’t even have close to the worst relationship on this show. 

Like if we were ranking Grey’s Anatomy Relationship Disasters, they’d be a blip at the end, after the Japril debacle. Come to think of it, that ended so sourly too that maybe Jackson’s just really bad at relationships, and he should get some therapy before he has another one, because all of these people deserve better. Just a thought! 

Anyway, Meredith and DeLuca remain a beacon of cuteness, and we are extremely into all of Mer’s casual I-picked-up-trash-all-day outfits. We just hope this cuteness lasts. 

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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