Titans Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Bruce Wayne


Well, that happened. 

Titans Season 2 Episode 7 slowed down the pace, and the result was a disjointed installment that was hands down one of the weakest to date. 

Following up Titans Season 2 Episode 6 was not going to be easy, but “Bruce Wayne” found the series at its worst. 

The most illogical part of all has to be everyone turning on Jason for everything that was happening in Titans Tower. 

Hank, Dawn, Rachel, and even Donna couldn’t resist turning their backs on the teenager, even though they were all worried about his safety when he got kidnapped by Deathstroke. 

The person who messed with them was very likely Deathstroke, so it felt a bit silly for them to all rule Jason as the poison of the team. 

Dick: Is he stable?
Dawn: For the moment. Whatever they shot him with left something behind. Some sort of toxin.
Dick: Maybe we should take him to a hospital.
Bruce: Genius. A nice, quiet place where they can finish him off.
Kory: The boy has special abilities.
Dawn: Yeah, I think he’s safest here.
Dick: Okay.
Dawn: I think you should call Bruce. He catalogs these things. He might know who he is.
Bruce: Hello? Hey, Dick. Oh, sure. I can look the kid up. I just realized what your special skill is. The thing that makes you the natural leader in this group. You’re the only one with my phone number.
Kory: Dick?
Dick: I’ll call Bruce.

He was struggling to make sense of the fact that he very nearly died, so for everyone to come at him like that, it was absurd. 

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It would have made way more sense for them to blame Rose because, you know, she’s Deathstroke’s freaking daughter who can come back from the dead. 

I wasn’t a fan of the forced plot to have Rose try to get close to Jason. That felt like it was thrown in there as a plot device for her to find her brother’s record. 

There’s really no telling who is playing who in Titans Tower, but one thing I do know is that Jason deserved better. 

Dick: You all right?
Jason: All good.
Bruce: Of course he’s alright. 15 stories of free-falling probably did him good.
Dick: It’s past midnight, you should probably take it easy.
Jason: I don’t wanna take it easy. I feel good.
Bruce: More people should drop their problem children off buildings. It clarifies the mind and body.

He had PTSD, and everyone else felt the need to come at him. Jason has never been my favorite character, but he didn’t deserve that. 

My heart broke for him when he prepared to end his life by jumping off the tower. More than anything, all of this makes me think that Jason is being set up as a possible ally for Deathstroke. 

Jason admitted that he would rather work with the villain because nobody trusts him, and that may be the direction we’re headed with the character. 

Dick’s revelation that he killed Deathstroke’s son, Jericho, came out of the left-field, but those flashbacks from earlier in Titans Season 2 had to mean something. 

Dick: That was quite the fall you took.
Jason: Yeah, it was hellacious. How did it look from your angle?
Dick: Scary.
Jason: Well, good thing Conner was there.
Dick: I’m sorry.
Bruce: That should do it. Sorry always makes things right. Ah, rest will fix him. Maybe a shrink. Maybe some meds. Uppers, downers, in-betweens. Kid’ll be right as rain.

If everyone else in the team learns the truth, then it’s possible that people will start to turn their back on Dick. Donna is going to be the most cut up because she lost the love of her life as a result of their feud with the villain. 

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Dick is letting the past conflict with the future, and likely the reason for his psychotic break. For an episode titled “Bruce Wayne,” it’s ridiculous that we only got to meet the character in Dick’s mind. 

Even if Dick doesn’t admit it, Bruce helped make him the hero he is today, and he’s going to need to confront his issues with Bruce if he wants to get back in good graces with everyone. 

Bruce has access to technology and resources that the Titans can only dream of, so it feels like it’s only a matter of time before the character becomes more integral to the team. 

Heck, Bruce could probably have been the one to save Conner from almost dying. 

Iain Glen played this heightened version of the character very well, but it would have been better to have the real character as opposed to this figment of Dick’s imagination. 

Bruce: He’s lured you away from where you need to be … who you need to protect.
Dick: He killed my friend. Nearly killed Jason. He has to be stopped.
Bruce: Very heroic of you, except you don’t give a shit.

Speaking of Conner, he pulled through, and that’s about all I could ask for. He’s quickly becoming one of the best characters in the series, and it should be fun to see how he fits into the team going forward. 

Having Eve escape Cadmus by making Krypto the Superdog fly was excellent, but it felt a little too convenient for Lex to fire Eve. 

Eve knows too much, so allowing her to escape and return to the world seems like a major oversight on his part. 

Unless, of course, they knew she would use Krypto to seek out Conner. Then again, you would think we would have gotten a scene of Mercy smiling because she knows his location. 

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It could be coming, but it would have had a bigger effect on this particular installment. 

Conner struggled initially with the fact that Eve created him, but now he looks to her as a mother figure because she’s his creator.

It would be fantastic for Eve to stick around, but given that this show introduces new characters every single episode, it would be hard to serve her. 

I still believe that a spinoff focusing on Conner would be great. Joshua Orpin is so charismatic in the role that it would be a must-watch for anyone. 

Rachel and Kory working together to save Conner was quite the surprise, mainly because we know that Rachel has been struggling to keep her abilities in check. 

In any case, at least we know that they can save Conner again if Cadmus wants to try and get rid of him. There’s really no telling what Rachel and Kory could do by teaming up. 

That’s all I got, Titans Fanatics. 

What did you think of the latest twists and turns? Did you feel disappointed by this installment?

Hit the comments. 

Titans continues Fridays on DC Universe. 

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