Watch drag queen Charity Kase create witchy Halloween drag make-up


Drag queen Charity Kase transforms into incredible spooky looks that you’ll want to recreate beyond your Halloween costume.

We spoke to the “monster drag queen” herself to find out more about how to create a witchy drag look and why she loves the “darker side” of drag make-up.

Watch Charity Kase create witchy Halloween drag make-up:

The London-based “creature creator” make-up to be a “superpower”.

Drag queen Charity Kase tells PinkNews: “I like to think I try to broaden the horizons of beauty with my drag.

“Make-up is my superpower, you know? To me, make-up is life-changing.

“I’ve always had a taste for the darker side of the arts and theatre in general.

Halloween drag make-up by Charity Kase (Charity Kase)

“My characters are always an expression of my emotions and my feelings. If I’m feeling sad, I’ll paint that on my face and let everyone know.

“Painting myself into drag, painting myself into these evil horrible characters, which is how I felt inside, was a way for me to get these feelings out of my body without doing anyone any damage.”

For Charity Kase, creating these spooky looks isn’t just for Halloween.

“Lots of people say it’s just creature acting or cosplay or Halloween looks but I play a character as Charity Kase and it’s a character I’ve spent a lot of time creating.”

Advice for being a drag queen?

“Don’t hold yourself back,” says Charity Kase.

“Don’t not do something because you think it’s not the norm. Let yourself go, roll with it, do whatever you want to do.”

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