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Gala: “Fashion for Passion” is one woman’s creative endeavor to produce one of a kind signature designs in jewelry using leather and industrial materials to create beautiful,  feminine, visualizations. Her designs are trending all over the world and celebrating unique, one of a kind, innovative jewelry. Gala and I traded questions and answers regarding her passion to create and her love for her clients……

Since we last spoke have you created any of your new in one of a kind jewelry pieces?


Of course! In spite of the fact that my main full-time job is a bookkeeper in a huge company, and besides, I’m also a wife and mother and grandmother. I absolutely cannot imagine myself without my creative abilities and practically every day I realize my creative ideas and observations.

Where do you best see your jewelry being used?


Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashion and I really want my products to comply with this rule always and everywhere.

Do you yourself have a favorite piece, one that you wish you hadn’t sold?


Perhaps not, because I cannot help but give the joy of conversion to my clients. I couldn’t take myself something, knowing that someone likes it.  it’s such a happiness for me to give people confidence in their image.


Aside from jewelry do you create any other kind of accessories?


Just jewelry. I am not a shoe or bag person I think it’s because jewelry is like candy:)

How do you get your inspiration for your creations?


To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you live life enough so that you  to enhance its beauty. I love life, and that inspires me a lot.

Will all of your jewelry only be one of a kind?


Yes, for me it’s like jazz, your fingers always give birth to something completely new.

What is your ultimate goal for your creations?


The jewelry business is a very, very tough business. You truly have to understand how to take care of you clients and I would like to make them happy.

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