Yes, Jason Momoa Has Seen The Snyder Cut Of Justice League And It’s Very Different


Yes, Jason Momoa has confirmed he’s seen The Snyder Cut of Justice League and it’s very different from the theatrical version finished by Joss Whedon. And yes, we’re still talking about this. Momoa just talked about seeing some version of Zack Snyder’s true vision for the DCEU movie, adding that he thinks the public needs to see The Snyder Cut too.

After making his new comments, Aquaman star Jason Momoa joked — or not — that he might get fired by Warner Bros. after talking up The Snyder Cut once again. He’s done this before, but this is the first time he’s openly confirmed he’s seen the cut himself. He hinted as much a few months ago, when he called the footage “sick.”

Last year, Jason Momoa talked to MTV News about being obsessed with The Snyder Cut and wanting to see it. That’s the conversation MTV brought up again for a new interview with the Aquaman star, who was there to promote his new Apple+ TV show See. Here’s how that conversation played out:

That’s when the conversation moved to the Aquaman sequel, which Jason Momoa had pitched to execs, and he joked that maybe he’ll be fired now that he’s gone on about the public needing to see Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie.

It would be interesting to know a lot more about what Jason Momoa saw. As MTV pointed out, the effects probably wouldn’t be done … right? Also, per Zack Snyder himself, he never got a chance to film the other half of the big Martian Manhunter reveal. Actor Harry Lennix never got to film his scenes. So The Snyder Cut probably wouldn’t be complete … unless Snyder secretly went back on his own to finish all of that? What are the rights issues in play with Warner Bros.?

Zack Snyder stepped away from Justice League after the tragedy in his family. That’s what we were told, and then other production rumors came out. Director Joss Whedon came in to finish the movie and changed a lot of things. It did seem to become a totally different movie. The scope of how much was changed between Whedon and Warner Bros.’s execs is still coming out in drips and drabs from Zack Snyder himself through his Vero account. He just shared a new Gal Gadot photo the other day, suggesting his Justice League was pretty close to finished.

A quote from Zack Snyder reading “I have a cut. It’s done” was turned into a banner and posted on a building during New York Comic-Con 2019, along with another shot of the Justice League and #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Snyder himself shared a photo of those banners and thanked fans, saying he was “speechless and humbled by the support and love.”

So, yeah, based on what Zack Snyder has said and Jason Momoa just recently added, a cut of Justice League that Snyder is willing to stand behind is out there waiting to be seen by the public.

There’s clearly still interest from many DC fans to see that cut. Will Warner Bros. ever give fans a chance to see it? Could Snyder bypass them and show it himself or no? Just asking as someone somewhat on the outside but curious enough to wonder what’s happening on the inside to prevent this from at least leaking…

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