Single Review: Twizm Whyte Piece: “Big Dreams”


Single Review: Twizm Whyte Piece: “Big Dreams”

Indie hip-hop artist Twizm Whyte Piece can rhyme! Here’s a cool Wangster (White Gangster), hard working, polite, sensitive, and supporting everyone with a heart of gold, as proof in the lyrics of his new release, “Big Dreams.”

“You got Big Dreams? Well don’t ever let anyone stand in your way man.” The video made Top Video Countdown video of the day on one of the biggest music video sites in the world, completely well deserved. It’s edgy, original and fun to watch. There’s a message of hope and inspiration, and a relentless and urgent plea to use the life you have and not waste it. I would guess the song is autobiographical as the artist has lots of kids and works hard to make their dreams come true.

“Figure it out. Claw, scratch, pull whatever you gotta do to get there man. This life, you only got one…so do it big.” Powerful words, and an explosive introduction to the song. Twizm can put a beat together too. The video is dauntless and infused with colorful blasts of special effects. If Lizzo and Eminem had a love child it would be Twizm Whyte Piece.

The Canada based artist is definitely someone to keep your eye out for. He’s authentic and that comes through in his songs and lyrics. He is already creating a buzz and on the radar of several record companies…..however for now he’s independent. His video “Chosen” is again a macro-chromatic display of talent featuring popular cartoon segments, also a blast to watch. In any case, claw and scratch, pull whatever you gotta do, but watch these videos and support your indie artists….they work hard to make the world a better place!

4/5 Stars

Discover More by visiting his website and sample any of his albums, videos, or to follow him on your favorite music streaming platform visit

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