This is your chance to ask the UK party leaders the LGBT questions that matter to you


Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Conservative leader Boris Johnson and Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson present their General Election 2019 manifestos (Getty)

Britain’s first winter general election in decades is proving to be a rowdy affair, to say the least.

But when political pundits argue that LGBT+ votes could swing the upcoming election, what boxes the community ticks could dramatically impact the results.

While Brexit continues to set tremors through the political system, factoring in LGBT+ rights is crucial considering that each party leader’s voting record is not necessarily the same.

Moreover, PinkNews have analysed each party manifesto, combing through the pledges around education, healthcare and security to see which actually benefit the community.

But as queer topics are often shuffled out of live television debates, PinkNews is inviting each party leader to be interviewed as part of our general election coverage.

PinkNews has, so far, secured interviews with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon, Liberal Democrat Party leader Jo Swinson and Siân Berry of the Green Party.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn. (Jonathan Hordle/ITV via Getty Images)

Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson and The Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage have also been invited to participate.

Each party leader will be grilled on issues that impact the LGBT+ community, from whether to roll out vital HIV-preventative drugs on the NHS to the rising rates of hate crime pelting the nation.

Other topical issues include the reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, intended to streamline the process for trans people to gain legal issues.

Crucial reforms which have been delayed for years, activists argue.

To queer asylum seekers, where the Home Office has been criticised for the ‘culture of disbelief’ that “persecutes” and stonewalls rainbow refugees.

That’s why PinkNews is asking our readers to send in questions for all or specific party leaders in this year’s general election, which you can do using the form here.

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