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Today, we are incredibly pleased to sit down and talk with music industry executive and publicist Ken Cavalier to find out more about how he assists independent artists & indie labels with their promotions and marketing, and about what’s going on with his management and publicity firm Allure Media Entertainment Group.

Hi ken – Great to have you. Let’s start with what city, state and country your publicity firm located??

Thanks for having me. Our primary location is good ole’ USA in Philadelphia, PA, with a field office in downtown NYC.  At one time, we operated out of LA, but over the years, settled into the East Coast.

 How long have you been in the business of artist management & music publicity or directly promoting musicians and their music, and what is your favorite part of it.

I’m involved in the business of music promotion, management, and publicity for just over 35 years.  After a twelve-year stint as a and touring musician and recording artist for Warner Bros, and ABC Records, I decided to utilize my experience and connections to work with other musicians and independent labels to assist them with their career or label business.  My favorite part of doing this is essentially, to witness the success and delight of my artists.  It sure isn’t about the money – a lot of independent artists are on a shoe-string budget.

What are the specific promotional services that you and your staff perform?

Well, early-on, we dedicated most of our endeavors into artist management, but over the years, we shifted our efforts to focus more on the indie music publicity, branding, marketing, and the consulting.  We put a serious emphasis on national press, social media marketing, Spotify, and pretty much every area of marketing and promotion that an artist needs to elevate their fan base and raise their music career to the next level.


What is your selection process for choosing indie labels, and which artists and music you will add to your roster and promote or seek publicity?

First off, the artist or the label should have a professional image.  One that will show the world online, that they are for real and up to professional industry standards.  Once that’s established, we delve into the music and songs they want to promote.  The music should also be up to industry standards, both sonically and creatively.  We have to believe in the music and assure ourselves that it is something we can genuinely get behind.  If those elements are not present, it’s challenging to pitch an artist, label, and music.  The music media can always tell if you don’t honestly believe in the product.

In what genre or style would you categorize the majority of your artists & labels?

We promote and do publicity & marketing for most genres of music with only a few exceptions.  Our music media contacts are varied and cover all types.  So, rock, alt-rock, RnbB, acoustic, hip-hop, jazz, Americana, reggae, instrumental, and most other genres are part of our roster.

Does your company do tour booking and radio promotion?

We do tour support promotion for both indie artists and labels as part of a full-service campaign or engagement.  We’ll do press and radio promotion in cities and regions where artists are performing, along with media coverage in those areas during the tour.  As far as radio promotion – we are not mainstream radio-play promoters; however, we have associations with all of the radio-indies and radio pluggers, along with Internet radio.  We use these contacts to support, analyze, and backup any radio promotion campaigns an artist or label may utilize.

Various Articles by Ken Cavalier:

In what way do you assist independent record labels with promotion, and does it differ from promoting an independent artist?

We consult with labels owners on all aspects of their structure, marketing, and promotional efforts for their signed artists.  Much like the marketing and publicity departments for major and significant indie labels have in place, we act as your indie label backend publicity and marketing department.  Taking on all of the labels marketing duties they usually do for their artists internally.  In essence, they are outsourcing this work to us.  We also consult for start-up labels, walking them through all aspects of setting up and operating their labels.

TWITTER: @musicpublicist

In your own words, why do you feel that an indie artist or label should choose you and your firm over others for promotion, publicity, and marketing?

Well, it’s pretty much spelled out specifically on our website on the “Why Choose Us” menu tab. The first and what I believe is the most crucial element of being in this kind of business is our integrity, honesty, and transparency.  Secondly, and just as important, we have been doing this for over 35 years and have established tremendous creditability with the music media, and industry in general.  Our contact list is pretty-mush never-ending.  We continuously communicate with our artists and clients and never leave them hanging.  We also offer tailored campaigns for those on a shoestring budget.  We’re experts at what we do, and have the track record to prove it.  We Get Results!

FACEBOOK: @alluremediaent

If you could meet, co-write a song with, have dinner with or have a drink with any band or artist (dead or alive), who would it be?

Steven Tyler – Who Else?

How would an independent artist or label contact you if they require your services?

It’s pretty simple:  Call us toll-free at 888.242.9331,  or submit the contact form on our website We return calls and contact submissions promptly.

Thank you for your time, and may you continue promoting great music and representing great artists and labels.

Thanks so much for having me.  I appreciate the opportunity to talk about music industry promotions.

Ken Cavalier & The Allure Media Entertainment Group can be reached at 888.242.9331 or can be found at the following websites and on Social Media:



Facebook:  @alluremediaent


witter:  @musicpublicist


Instagram: @indiemusicpublicist
Marketing Writer:
Voting Member: The Recording Academy

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