Guy in an open relationship has the absolute worst reaction to his wife getting a girlfriend


A woman in an open relationship has opened up about her husband’s terrible reaction when she got a girlfriend.

Writing anonymously on Reddit, the woman said she is “confused and hurt” by her husband’s hostile response to her new partner.

She explained that she has been with her husband for seven years. For around six of those years, they were in a monogamous relationship, but last year her husband suggested they open up their marriage to include other people.

The woman was scared about the prospect of an open relationship, and not entirely comfortable with the idea, but her husband said he would leave her if she didn’t agree as it was what he wanted.

But the man apparently got more than he bargained for when his wife introduced a female partner into the mix.

Initially, the couple encountered stumbling blocks when her husband’s partners did not want to have threesomes, which left the woman feeling “dejected and upset”.

The woman found a partner who would be sexually interested in both her and her husband to suit their open relationship.

So, she went out and struck up a relationship with a woman who she calls Ty, saying she expressly sought a partner who would be sexually interested in both her and her husband.

“Ty is great. She, unlike the rest of his partners, included me, almost all the time… to everything,” the woman wrote.

“All three of us would go out and do things, go to concerts, out eating, drinking. You know it. He of course had the same access to her, but it seemed to make him jealous with how close we were getting.

He told me that the whole time it was like looking at lesbian porn.

“He would crack jokes about it, like every time I was out late I was with her or something, just off the wall jealousy. She assured him that she liked both of us, and would love to prove it.”

In order to prove that, the couple decided to have a threesome with Ty. The woman wrote that the experience was “beautiful” and she and Ty “connected on levels I didn’t really think were possible”. However, she said her husband has since pulled away from the relationship.

Her husband said the threesome felt ‘like looking at lesbian porn’.

He refused to speak to her for the entire day after their threesome and eventually told her that he didn’t enjoy the experience.

“He told me that the whole time it was like looking at lesbian porn. Ty barely interacted with him separately, and I’m guessing that has him angry?” the woman wrote.

She said their threesome was all about each person feeling pleasure at the same time, and her husband did not like this.

The Reddit thread was posted on Twitter, and people were quick to point out the issues in the relationship. One pointed out that the situation was never likely to end well when the husband effectively pressured his wife into having an open marriage.

Another wrote: “Dudes if you’re going to ask your wife for an open marriage you need to be 100% prepared for her to have better game than you, I’m sorry.

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