Episode 1 of ‘Silent Hill’ Mod “Whispering Hills” For ‘Fallout 4’ Released


We mentioned the Fallout 4 mod Whispering Hills a while back. You know, the mod by Mangaclub that essentially gives us Silent Hill in Fallout 4. Well, DSOGaming reports that Mangaclub has finally released the first episode.

Along with the infamous fog, the mod includes the Midwitch Elementary School from the first Silent Hill game, and a rebuild of City Centralia, PA, which inspired screenwriter Roger Avary for the Christophe Gans Silent Hill film.

Not only that, the mod has Trevor Henderson‘s Siren Head roaming around the countryside, alongside familiar Silent Hill fare such as Mumblers, Lying Figures and Nurses in addition to the Fallout staple Ghouls.

The mod doesn’t just stop there. It also replaces a lot of the ambient sounds with ambient sounds from Silent Hill, along with weather variations (read: more fog variants), combat music, and a introduces a new quest line.

Oh, and on occasion, you’ll be dragged into the Otherworld, which has its own surprises.

Head on over to Nexus Mods and get installing.

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