Cartridge Thunder Announces Pre-Orders For ‘The House of the Dead’ Vinyl Soundtracks


Waxwork Records has given Bloody Disgusting the exclusive first listen to the debut single from the new Candyman score.

The track is titled “Rows and Towers” and scored by NYC-based electronic and avant-garde artist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe.

‘Rows and Towers’ serves as one of many portals in the landscape of Candyman,” Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe tells Bloody Disgusting. “The choir of voices is representative of the multiplicity of voices, not only deeply cemented in the folklore of Candyman, but of the characters navigating the space in real time.

“The piece acts as a bridge between what Cabrini Green was in the past and the gentrification there that is on full display in 2020,” he added. “It is the outline of the history, of the tale and the apparition that floats around the interior of a newly developed condo. The skitter and insect-like buzz that swirls throughout the voices at its core is the word ‘CANDYMAN’ spoken and then pulled apart, crushed and turned inside out until you no longer recognize it as a voice speaking the word, but an otherworldly entity that has been summoned from another realm. The word is unintelligible as what it was, but the energy of it remains and carries through the chill and the terror.”

The full soundtrack drops on Aug. 27. Stream the single on Spotify, Apple Music, and others.

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