“Frankenstein” by AV Super Sunshine

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Author Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein has spawned and inspired innumerable interpretations and has many uses. Musical uses are few but notable. Edgar Winter’s band, for example, scored a hit during his 1970’s heyday with an one-time AM/FM radio staple entitled “Frankenstein”. AV Super Sunshine makes use of Shelley’s creation, as well, with his latest single “Frankenstein”.

It’s a foray into hard-hitting modern rock for AV Super Sunshine, collaborator Philomena Victor, and musician/producer Michael Bradford. It isn’t his first. Naturally, “modern rock” in the hands of AV Super Sunshine means it’s shaped and colored with a current sound, isn’t hidebound to traditional setups, and practically throbs with charisma. The latter quality is an across the board highlight for AV’s work.

His persona is never overbearing. His vocal for “Frankenstein”, instead, is a hell of a lot of fun with assertive phrasing and audible joy in the way he takes on the lyric. Bradford places AV Super Sunshine’s voice out front with the instrumental support not far behind, but it all surges ahead together with a clear and balanced sonic attack. Nothing in the song’s presentation sounds thin or underserved.

The song’s video is another first rate production. AV Super Sunshine and his cohorts commonly release visually appealing promotional clips for each new single and “Frankenstein” ranks among the best for a variety of reasons. One key reason for its value is the use of color. The near-chromatic visual sense AV Super Sunshine brings to the footage accentuates the song’s hallucinatory qualities without ever looking garish.

“Frankenstein” has a steady march tempo that AV Super Sunshine rarely breaks from. It never wearies listeners, however. Abbreviated guitar and keyboard flourishes, particularly the latter, are rife throughout the track and help shake up its texture. Another aspect of AV Super Sunshine’s vocal performance listener will latch onto is his theatrical skill. Alternating between a straight-forward voice and a hushed near-whisper gives the song dramatic character.

Wisconsin’s AV Super Sunshine hails from the Midwest, but definitely doesn’t sound like. He boasts one of the liveliest discographies in modern music today and “Frankenstein” shows no signs of slowing down. His long and fruitful creative partnership with producer and musical partner Michael Bradford continues, their stability is a rarity in the current music climate, and still pays off.

It all comes together, the music, video, vocal, and songwriting, into an entertaining and meaningful package. AV Super Sunshine is writing and recording music you can enjoy a single time but, likewise, you can revisit it multiple times with no noticeable dip in freshness. He is an important part of the music landscape, indie status or not, and beginning to receive recognition at a level befitting his gifts. “Frankenstein” has something for everyone, doesn’t run on too long, and wins you over earlier. It will reaffirm AV Super Sunshine’s value for longtime fans and newcomers will likely wonder why it took them so long to hear this performer’s work. Don’t worry though – now that you have, you’re hooked.

Loretta Kim

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