Psychological Horror Game ‘Imperfect’ Draws Upon Gustave Doré for Inspiration [Trailer]


We have video games like the upcoming Scorn and Darkseed that have taken inspiration from Giger, but what about other artists? Solo developer Walter Woods’ upcoming horror title Imperfect switches things up a bit, taking inspiration from the wood etchings of 18th century artist Gustave Doré for their first-person psychological horror adventure.

Imperfect is an episodic game, with three episodes being planned. Details on the story haven’t been fully revealed as of yet, but according to Woods, the game is a character study of an imperfect man and his place in the universe, told through a “pulpy thriller plot” with emphasis on mystery and the supernatural.

Imperfect sees you having to find your way through a dark and dangerous landscape, where you’re being hunted by whatever it is that lurks in the darkness. You’ve been given a collection of mystical frames by a mysterious observer that allow you to reveal hidden secrets throughout the world, along with lurking enemies. Throughout the game, you will have flashback sequences that transport you to moments in your past that have lead you up to this point in time.

As mentioned, Imperfect draws inspiration from the wood carving illustrations of Doré, who Walter Woods has explored in more detail in his talks at the Georgia Game Developers Association. Along with giving the game a unique look to stand out from other psychological horror titles, the Doré aesthetic provides a dark and foreboding mood that contrasts with the game’s use of memory flashback sequences.

Currently, there’s no release date as of yet for Imperfect, though a demo is coming this October on Steam for you to try out.

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