Cosmic Horror Adventure Game ‘Dream Cycle’ Exits Steam Early Access Tomorrow [Trailer]


It’s a no-brainer that there needs to be more Lovecraft-inspired video games. Lucky for us, Lara Croft creator Toby Gard and developer Cathuria Games with publisher Raw Fury have just the thing with their upcoming cosmic horror adventure title Dream Cycle, which is slated to exit Steam Early Access on August 8 (that’s tomorrow, if you’re not sure).

Described as an “ever-expanding procedural adventure through a cursed, shattered dimension”, and inspired by the series of short stories of the same name by Lovecraft, Dream Cycle puts you in the role of modern-day arcanist Morgan Carter, who is able to walk the planes of the Dreamlands, a twisted dimension where the souls of the living are trapped in eternal nightmare. Morgan must free her friend and as many others as she can from the Dreamlands before the Crawling Chaos dooms them all. In order to do so, Morgan must explore diverse dreams, and by understanding the events that transpired, free the dreamers from their perpetual torment.

The Dreamlands realm is made up of fragments of the real world, and will change every time you visit. Furthering the incentive to explore, players will be able to go back to previously-explored places and face new challenges and new stories for even greater rewards.

Along with access to traditional and modern day weaponry, Morgan also utilizes a grimoire full of powerful spells. The variety of weapons and spells allows players to define their own play style, from facing foes head on, to using sneak attacks. Furthering your customizability are the various skills and abilities you’ll be acquiring throughout your playthrough.

You can snag Dream Cycle now for a 50% discount until August 16.

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