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Before diving into this week’s new horrifying episode of Safe Room, check out last week’s Horror Bytes discussion.

There is no other game in the multiplayer space quite like Hunt: Showdown

To describe Hunt as a competitive first-person shooter doesn’t do the game’s depth of mechanics justice. By the same token, simply calling it a monster hunting game is an oversimplification of the possibilities within each match.

Hunt is very much an enigma in the gaming space, as it redefines the traditional sense of success in multiplayer. 

You prioritize hunting, killing, and banishing the boss monster in one match. In another, you camp a boss’s location while picking off other players to steal their bounty. Or perhaps you spend a match racking up XP by killing AI-controlled grunts. 

Each avenue can have deadly consequences, yet the player can yield immense rewards for succeeding.

In Hunt, players define what that success looks like on a match-by-match basis. Empowering players with options and choice allows even the most crippling of defeats to yield some semblance of player progress.

But is that progress hindered by Hunt‘s steep learning curve?  

For this week’s episode, Neil and I attempt to answer that by recruiting friend of the show, and Bloody Disgusting writer, Aaron Boehm to dissect the methodical monster hunting of Hunt: Showdown. – Jay Krieger

If you’re curious about playing Hunt: Showdown, and want an idea of what to expect, Aaron has written a tips and tricks guide for newcomers to the game. You can find the link to it below.

Tips and Trick for Hunt: Showdown Newcomers by Aaron Boehm

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