The Cleaning Lady Round Table: Selling Street Drugs & The Ladies’ First Cleaning Gig


Arman and Thony almost got arrested for selling drugs.

During The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 5, Thony and Arman fought over whether to sell street jobs, and the cleaning ladies landed their first contract.

TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson, Whitney Evans, and Laura Nowak discuss their favorite Armony scenes, whether Arman, Garrett, and Thony can work together, and their first impressions of Jasmine’s dad, JD.

The cleaning ladies are back in business. React.

Jasmine: I loved how quickly they got back on their feet, and I’m glad that it seems to be doing well. Landing contracts– that’s the biggest hurdle. Once you get a good one, it’s guaranteed, and word of mouth from there. I’m proud of them.

Whitney: I agree with Jasmine. I felt very proud of them and excited for them. I hope they continue to have success with it. I like when we get to see them get some wins.

Laura: I loved how they all worked together to create their new space, and I’m relieved they landed their first contract so fast. It was fun watching the first trial run be a family affair. I can’t wait to see more of the ladies, though.

What were your impressions of Ginger? Would you like to see her again?

Jasmine: I like Ginger. She’s about her business, but she respects the women and is not afraid to give them a shot. She’s used to being looked down on and on and so forth, so I think she’s good for them to work with and a significant first contract for them. I won’t mind seeing her again if it calls for it.

Whitney: Ginger was fine. She didn’t make a significant impression on me one way or the other, so if she came back, I wouldn’t hate it. But I’d be okay with her serving her purpose for this arc.

Laura: I loved Ginger. I loved that she believed in second chances and gave them a fair shot. Even more than that, I enjoyed how she appreciated the family coming together and JD helping out too. That woman believes in love, too, so yes, I hope we see her prodding things along.

We finally met Jasmine’s dad. What did you think of JD and his potential role in the family?

Jasmine: I love him! Did you guys see the sparks still there between him and Fiona? There’s some crackling there, and I’m here for it. He seems like a good guy, and I would like to see him stick around and find his place in this family. I definitely want to see him with Jasmine more.

Whitney: I absolutely loved him! I loved how everyone loved him; he came into the house, and everyone was excited to see him. I knew then that I was also going to like him. I can understand why Fiona spiraled a bit, which is understandable.

But I like the idea of him sticking around and spending more time with Jasmine and maybe Fiona. I definitely saw the sparks, too!

Laura: I absolutely loved him. He’s hot, and there are sparks between him and Fiona. More than that, I think JD seems to care about her family, so I think he could be a good influence on all of the kids. I understand why Fiona felt displaced, but he could greatly help her.

Is it me, or have we not seen much of Luca this season? He was so cute in this episode.

Jasmine: Luca has been a plot device more than a character. I love him to bits. He’s precious, but he’s just this extension of Thony for conflict and things like that. I would like to see him develop more.

Whitney: I think season one was so Luca-heavy with his illness that now that he’s better, they don’t know how to incorporate him into storylines. And it makes sense. There are a lot of heavy storylines that don’t need to involve a young child.

Laura: I agree with you both that last season Luca was utilized more, and besides his illness, there aren’t many storylines for a young child. I miss him, though.

Let’s discuss all things Armony–the fight, the hand-holding, and the motorcycle ride. What was your favorite part?

Jasmine: How do you expect me to pick a favorite?! I love when they fight because it’s full of passion, and they’re both in their feelings about it until they make up.

But that motorcycle ride was perfection. It’s like one of my favorite tropes. You don’t just put anybody on the back of your motorcycle, okay? I may have blushed when he put the helmet on her. How can they have so much sexual tension and chemistry in such a simple gesture?

They fed us so well with these Armony scenes. Left no crumbs. We feasted like queens, loves!

Whitney: This season has been low on the Armony. But it was almost worth it for everything we got here. There’s something about the Armony angst that sometimes hits better than the romance. And it’s like Jasmine said, everything they do is filled with passion.

And to be honest, Arman and Nadia also have a lot of passion in their dynamic, but it feels different. I feel like I’m intruding when Armony yells at each other because it feels so intimate. They have the kind of chemistry you can’t even plan for. You have them sit there staring at each other, and it’s going to feel intense.

But my favorite scene? Definitely the hand-holding. Arman really needed her at that moment.

Laura: This was definitely a goldmine episode for Armony fans. I did love how passionate and intimate their fight was since they both had valid points. More than anything, I loved that Thony went to help clean up the mess and rushed to tend to his wounds and hold his hand first. It showed how deep their connection was.

I also loved the motorcycle scene. It was sexy and fun, and like Jasmine, I love Arman putting the helmet on her.

How do you feel about Arman, Thony, and Garrett working together again? Are you glad stories are interrelated?

Jasmine: I said before that the best solution to their Garrett problem would be having him work with Thony and Arman. It’s not quite like I envisioned, but I can work with this as long as Garrett doesn’t get too cocky and power trippy.

Plus, both men have a fondness for Thony and hate each other, making for a fun dynamic.

Whitney: I’m always a fan of connecting storylines because it means I will get more of my faves (usually). So, I’m okay with it here, but I don’t trust Garrett ever, so it’s hard for me to get excited. I’ll always be waiting for him to screw things up somehow.

Laura: I’m cautiously optimistic. As Jasmine said, both men are fond of Thony but despise each other. The last team-up failed to take down Hayak. Watching them bring down Robert and Cortes could be interesting if they keep their egos in check.

What was your favorite moment from this episode, and do you have anything to add?

Jasmine: I loved the exact moment when Thony realized that she had to come through for Arman. He does so much for her that she can’t not return the favor even when it went against what she believed.

But she heard and saw how vulnerable he was… and he let her see that, and it was just this unspoken thing between them Élodie Yung and Adan Canto slay all the little nuances. And, you know, that motorcycle scene.

Whitney: Everything Armony. I feel like that’s a given for me. But let me think outside the box and say again how much I loved JD’s introduction. I love the little family moments, and we seldom see them all smiling these days, so that was nice.

Laura: This episode had some great moments. I also loved the Armony moments. As Whitney mentioned, I enjoyed JD’s introduction and the family moments cleaning. I also loved the intro music and the cleaning ladies setting up their new home base.

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Laura Nowak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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