‘Fallout 4’ Receiving Free Current-Gen Upgrade Next Year For PS5, Xbox Series


So, now that the Silent Hill 2 remake has finally been revealed and confirmed to be in development by Bloober Team, just when can we actually get our hands on it? While that obviously wasn’t part of the presentation by Konami, recent quotes by Bloober Team president Piotr Babieno suggest that it won’t be very long until we get an answer.

According to Polish news website gram.pl, during WSE Innovation Day, Babieno discussed the development for the upcoming remake, revealing that Silent Hill 2 had been in development since 2019, and that Konami was covering the development costs. Furthermore, development has reached an “advanced stage”, which would suggest that we would be getting an update on its release date in the near future.

As for that magical date, Babieno stated that decision lay in the hands of Konami. However, he also said that Konami would give an update soon.

Another interesting tidbit about Silent Hill 2‘s development is the fact that Konami has been handling development costs this entire time. On top of that, Bloober Team is already receiving money for the next stages of production. “Bloober Team is already earning money, we are already at the stage where we receive funds for each subsequent milestone and of course we have a margin on it,” explains Babieno. “However, yes, we will also participate in the event of success – we will be its direct beneficiaries.”

In fact (and rightfully so), Konami and Bloober Team anticipate big returns when the game is released. Konami’s “internal research” indicates that the Silent Hill 2 remake will net “at least several million units sold”.

Currently, Silent Hill 2 is in development for PC via Steam and the PlayStation 5, with the Xbox Series coming at a later date.

Big thanks to RelyOnHorror for this heads up.

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