‘Charon’s Staircase’ Now Available on PC and Consoles [Trailer]


Director/producer Andrew Saullo is back once again with another video involving the trio of actors from the original Resident Evil cutscenes. This time, it’s a short film entitled Resident Evil: Resurrection, which stars Charlie KraslavskyGreg Smith and Eric Pirius, reprising their roles as Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker, respectively.

The three minute short sees Chris Redfield teaming up with former partner, Barry Burton, to deal with Albert Wesker once again. If you recall the image that appeared online back in June that featured Kraslavsky as Chris, that was Resident Evil: Resurrection.

Saullo states that the short was made with little in the way of resources, but could potentially be turned into a more in-depth short with higher production values if fans show interest. This would be separate from Saullo’s main project, an adaptation of The Keeper’s Diary starring Kraslavsky as the Umbrella researcher (aka The Keeper) responsible for the Arklay Laboratory’s animals being prepped for experimentation.

Saullo has teamed up with the folks at Residence of Evil to give The Keeper’s Diary the needed boost, hence why they’re hosting these series of videos by Saullo. Residence of Evil is coincidentally working on their version of The Keeper’s Diary called The Keeper, with Shawn Lebert directing.

If you’re interested in keep tabs on The Keeper’s Diary, you can follow the production on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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