Hellish Co-op Shooter ‘Perish’ Launches February 2023 [Trailer]


A little over a year ago, it was revealed that October Games was working with Full Moon Features to create a video game based on the Puppet Master series. Well, a year on, and the first developer log for Puppet Master: The Game has revealed several goodies, including contributor to BD Nat Brehmer (who wrote Puppet Master Complete: A Franchise History) having worked on the game!

Currently slated to be released in Open Beta on March 1st, 2023, the first devlog for the asymmetrical multiplayer game features lead designer Drake Kazmierczak and lead audio designer Nicholas Haye chatting it up about the project, including the explanation of why the game won’t be released this year. Part of that is due to a new game mode being added called Toulon’s Journals, a single player sandbox mode where you can complete challenges, earn experience points, and find the lost pages of Andre Toulon’s journal.

Nat Brehmer handled the writing duties for the journal pages, which act as an audio log that you can discover in the game’s environments. Finding one allows you to hear Andre Toulon as he recalls his history with the puppets while you play the game. Thankfully, you’ll also be able to listen to them at your own convenience outside of the game once they’ve been unlocked.

Another mechanic the developers are working on for the Open Beta is adding bot support. This will allow players to play all of Puppet Master: The Game‘s future Human vs Puppet game modes as either a solo or co-op experience.

If, however, you want to get in on the game prior to the Open Beta, October Games will be hosting Closed Beta sessions, which will also be coming next year. The Closed Beta announcements will take place in October Games’ Discord, so click the link to get in on that. Meanwhile, you can also wishlist the game on Steam.

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