‘Play Dead’ Trailer – ‘My Bloody Valentine 3D’ Director’s New Horror Movie Breaks into a Morgue


Creator and co-writer of the cult hit horror/comedy Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, David J. Stieve tells Bloody Disgusting that his directorial debut short film, Wait for It, is completed and now submitting to film festivals for the 2023 season.

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Set within the same universe as Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Wait For It is a loving deconstruction of the slasher genre. Seen from the perspective of survivor girl, Darcy (Lily Anne Harrison), living in the aftermath of her own encounter with a psycho-slasher killer.

We follow her as she travels home after a night out with friends, always remaining wary of the inevitable return of her tormentor.

The short is written and directed by Stieve, produced by Amy Larsen and Dan Czerwonka, and executive produced by Steve Squillante (The Autopsy of Jane Doe), Chris Gierowski (Don’t F in the Woods 1 and 2, The Wicked One, Stranded, Head), Richard Stringham (Close Calls, 13 Fanboy, 10/31), and Russ Troutt.

Wait for It is my first directorial effort. It’s the direct result of sage advice given to me by Blumhouse producer Ryan Turek, who suggested that as a screenwriter, it’s vital to have the
experience of translating what’s written on the page to what is seen on the screen. In order to acquire this tool for my toolbox, I gravitated to my first love – horror. I’ve long wanted to create a nod to the part of these films I cherish most, which is the anticipation of what is to come,” said David J. Stieve.

He adds, “Additionally, if I was really going to do this, it was important for me to pay homage to the character of Leslie Vernon, who remains a rock star in my world and in the hearts and minds of devoted horror fans around the globe. This small but mighty film is my humble offering in all these regards, and I hope you find it worth the wait.”

“I’m happy to be a part of this fantastic short film! We have already submitted to several film festivals (majority horror) so keep an eye out for it in your submissions. We are hoping that people want to see more of the Behind The Mask universe that David has created,” said Chris Gierowski, Executive Producer.

The movie stars Lily Anne Harrison, Ashley London, and Nathan Baesel (Behind the Mask).

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