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Want more news on Good Shepherd Entertainment’s upcoming Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game? IGN has snagged info on the classes of Klowns you’ll be able to play as in the asymmetrical multiplayer title, which is due out this year.

For those of you wanting to make a meal out of humans, you’ll have five classes of Klowns to choose from for your team of three: the Trapster, Tracker, Scout, Fighter, and Tank. Each Klown will have a raygun to encase humans in a cotton candy cocoon, as well as a Klown Jump ability that allows them to essentially teleport to any point on the map that they’ve previously uncovered. You’ll also be able to heal yourself with the Laughter ability.

From there, the classes diverge. The Trapster is a trap-laying class designed to hold down humans for other Klowns to find. Armed with a Jawbreaker Mace, any human hit with the mace will be covered in popcorn. The popcorn allows all Klowns to see the affected humans through walls and on the map. The Trapster also has a Popcorn Mine, that functions the same way as the Jawbreaker Mace. Lastly, there’s the Baby Klown ability that sees the larvae-like Klown grab onto humans to hold them in place.

The Tracker is also able to make use of popcorn with their Popcorn Bazooka. The famous Balloon Dog is also here, which will point towards the nearest human. The Tracker can also chase down humans on foot thanks to being able to vault over obstacles, as well as make use of its Invisible Car. The latter ability can only be used outside, however.

The Scout is the only Klown who can use the Klown Jump to enter unexplored territory. They also have a Hypnotic Lure ability that can draw humans towards him, or he can quickly move in close with the Lackey Swap that instantly lets the Scout switch places with a nearby AI minion.

The Fighter is the combat-focused class. Armed with Boxing Gloves to pummel humans, this class also has the Pizza Box skill to disguise themselves as a stack of pizza boxes for a little stealth action. Like the Tracker, the Fighter also has a vehicle in the form of the Speedy Tricycle, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Finally, you have the Tank. The most physically formidable Klown, they’re armed with the Extendable Jawbreaker that can be charged up for increased range and power. The Sticky Bash ability allows them to lay down a carpet of Cotton Candy that traps anyone caught within it. This can be used in combination with the Rage Rush skill, which allows them to charge into enemies and bash through obstacles. The Tank is also the only class to use nearby humans caught in a cotton candy cocoon as a quick snack to gain a temporary speed buff.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game will arrive for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2023.

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