Ted Bundy’s Ex-Lover Tells Terrifying Unheard Story From His Youth

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Oxygen’s latest series is shedding new light on the makings of some of America’s most notorious serial killers.

Violent Minds: Killers on Tape is unearthing the recordings of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Al Carlisle, who interviewed and profiled suspected and convicted murderers and the people who knew them in an attempt to understand what drives a seemingly normal person to commit the most heinous of crimes.

And in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek at the April 2 premiere, one of Ted Bundy‘s former girlfriends—who only wanted to be identified by the pseudonym “Sandy“—shares a terrifying, never-before-heard story about his violent tendencies as a college student in the ’60s. 

During a picnic date by a river, the two went swimming and “Sandy” recalled “that’s when he was dunking me in the water,” holding her under for nearly a minute. She told Carlisle, “It’s playful up until the point someone is trying to get away to get air.”

Obviously spooked by the incident, she claims Bundy “just laughed.”

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