‘They Live: The Card Game’ – Step Back into the World of John Carpenter’s 1988 Movie! [Trailer]


Save or enslave the city… that’s up to YOU in the upcoming They Live: The Card Game, a brand new experience that’s set in the world of John Carpenter’s 1988 movie They Live.

The team tells BD, “The card game is a much tighter, faster, and more intense experience in comparison to the previous board game which was a longer experience. This game is designed to be played in around 30 minutes or so. The best way to describe it is this: if the board game captures the movie, then the card game captures the fight in the alleyway.”

They Live: The Card Game – Save The City/Enslave The City is an asymmetrical multiplayer card game focused on strategy, teamwork, and deceit. Working collectively is the only way to survive, but not everyone is playing for the same team…

Hidden among the group are secret Invaders determined to capture the city. The humans outnumber them, but the Invaders have the advantage of knowing what the teams are. You will start losing health shortly after the game begins, there is no avoiding it; you must act fast!

Each turn begins with new resources being drawn to the middle of the table. These include weapons, ammunition, city parts, and more. Players take turns to take and equip any cards they need.

Beware! Enemies can be drawn with the resources, and you will have to battle them as a group. But who isn’t helping enough? Who is letting the enemies pass? Is it because they are low on health, low on weapons, or are they secretly an Invader trying to sabotage you all?

The more damage you take, the closer your character comes to their critical health value. When critical, other players can use their Hoffman Lenses cards to inspect you and find out your true identity.

Do you suspect somebody of being an Invader? You could attack them, reduce them to critical, then check their identity card to be sure. Or maybe you are an Invader, and you want to attack another player and then lie about what you saw on their card.

As Invaders, your goal is to enslave the city. You must stay hidden, act human, and try to collect the city cards to capture different areas of the city. The more you hold, the closer you are to winning.

As Humans, your goal is to work out who among the team is an Invader. You need to take them down before it’s too late!

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