Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Ni Weh Sesh (I Have No Heart)


The third to last episode of Shadow and Bone’s second season did not disappoint.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 6 saw a central character’s death and the epic Firebird reveal.

The Crows also dealt with their significant discovery while repairing some relationships in Durat fashion.

We got no update on Matthias besides him burying his old cellmate killed by Pekka Rollins, but we hope Nina can find a way to free him soon.

If they are following the end of the Shadow and Bone Trilogy adaptation with Six Of Crows, Matthias may have to wait the rest of the season out in Hellgate.

The Shadow and Bone Trilogy is quickly wrapping up on the television show, with the Firebird’s identity being revealed and the final battle with Kirigan looming.

This battle promises to be an epic showdown, with the fight between light and darkness taking center stage.

Before we get there, however, the Crows need to obtain the Neshyenyer, which is essential in helping Alina take down Kirigan’s shadow monsters.

The only issue is that most of the Crows got poisoned at the end of Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 5.

Tolya, using his heartrending powers to slow down his heart rate, managed to send a message to Wylan, who waited outside before he fainted due to the poison.

Tolya’s message saved everyone’s life, as Wylan correctly guessed the cure to the poison, again showing his scientifical brain.

Each of the Crows’ visions gave them something different to consider.

Inej’s vision gave her a slice of intimacy between herself and Kaz, which she saw as a hallucination quickly. Kaz saw his older brother trying to drown him.

Jesper’s vision reunited him with his diseased mother, who encouraged him to continue training as a Durast; Tolya saw him killing his sister Tamar.

Each of their visions touched on some trauma or locked emotion they needed to embrace, whether fear, love, or trauma.

Jesper seemed the quickest to want to embrace his fear and move past it, and he promised Wylan that he would be more himself and not hide who he is (a Grisha).

This made Wylan happy, and they shared a kiss, having them make up for their small quarrel (thank goodness).

Eventually, the team manages to get the mythical blade, the Neshyenyer, from the woman who tried to prevent them from stealing it, with Tolya promising to bring it back to her.

The tea shopkeeper got revealed to be Sakta Neyar, a Shu saint and creator of the blade itself.

While this story isn’t a part of the books, it added another great bridge between the Crows and Alina’s storyline and was a welcomed addition.

Alina’s storyline took her, Bagrha, and Mal on a journey to Morozova’s workshop, where Baghra figured out the true identity of the Firebird.

When at the hut, Baghra questioned Mal about his life story and previous experiences at different orphanages.

She determined that Mal was a descendant of her dead sister and contained this sister’s power: the power of the Firebird.

While the reveal that Mal is the Firebird, the third amplifier, may shock non-book fans, fans of Leigh Bardugo’s books have been waiting on the edge of their seats for this reveal!

Baghra’s helpfulness didn’t stop there; she also broke the bond between her son and Alina.

Kirigan visited Alina as a projection again, but this time his goal was violence.

He held Alina against the wall and forced pain onto her, which made her start bursting with light.

Baghra saw her chance, entered the projection, made herself visible, and attacked Kirigan.

Baghra helped Alina, which, even though she had been doing, seeing her go directly against her son surprised us.

After she got Alina and Mal out of the workshop, she lit it on fire. She then directly attacked Kirigan with her Shadow Magic, causing the shadow creatures to attack her.

She became mortally wounded, much to the anger and sadness of Kirigan, who rushed over to help her. Before she died, she swiftly cut off his hand, severing the link between him and Alina.

Baghra’s death came as a shock, but she sacrificed herself for the good of the world, and Alina, which made it a very noble death.

We’ll miss seeing Zoe Wanamaker on screen. She knows how to command a scene, and her slightly-raspy voice always entranced us.

We will miss Baghra, but the effects of her death will be felt throughout the Grishaverse.

Alina now has freedom from Kirigan, but Kirigan now knows all of Baghra’s last memories, including the identity of the Firebird.

These revelations (and Baghra’s death) will lead to the final battle in the remaining two episodes. Will Alina be ready?

She may be ready for the fight against Kirigan, but is she prepared to sacrifice her best friend? Or will she find another way to use Mal as an amplifier?

All of these questions will, hopefully, be answered soon! And hopefully, the show’s quality will remain at the same high caliber as this brilliant hour of television.

The characters remained strong, and the writers connected all the stories brilliantly. Shadow and Bone often jumps around points of view, and this season has managed to capture that well.

But with only two episodes remaining in the sophomore season, will the show keep up its quality heading into the final two hours?

So Grishaverse fans, what did you think of the episode?

Are you as excited as we are about the final two outings of season two?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Shadow and Bone Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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