‘The Outwaters’ – Prequel and Epilogue Shorts ‘Card Zero’ & ‘File VL-624’ Now on SCREAMBOX!


We all die in the dark.

Reminiscent of early found footage like The Blair Witch Project with an injection of Event Horizon and Gaspar Noé’s hellish Into the VoidThe Outwaters, now streaming on SCREAMBOX, has been described by many as what it must be like to experience death.

Love it or hate it, we here at Bloody Disgusting are extremely proud of Robbie Banfitch‘s film. Ambiguous, dangerous, and brutally unapologetic, The Outwaters is different in a sea of the same. We hope that horror fans turned off the lights, jacked up the volume, and allowed themselves to sink into the experience that’s nothing short of nerve-shredding.

If you haven’t yet, now is the time…

The Outwaters follows a foursome who set out to make a music video in the middle of the desert, and while their trip starts out uneventful, their peace is eventually disrupted by unexplained sounds, vibrations, and unnatural animal behavior.

What happens next is a mind-bending trip through terror that is nothing short of disorienting and absolutely frightening.

The Outwaters spends a lot of time building the characters before things take a turn for the worse, and for those who want more, we have a surprise for you!

SCREAMBOX is not only streaming The Outwaters, but it is now the home to both a prequel and epilogue  – Card Zero & File VL-624!

Card Zero is a prequel short film that’s derived from a memory card that police obtained at Robbie’s apartment. It’s self-contained and carries more character context. It’s a foreboding little slice-of-life love story with an air of doom hanging over it, considering you know what’s going to happen in The Outwaters. Card Zero also explains why they’re filming a lot of stuff, for those who need an explanation: “Before disappearing in the Mojave Desert, Robbie Zagorac captured love, life, and heartbreak in a video diary.”

On the other hand, File VL-624, an epilogue to The Outwaters, features restored footage from all four of Robbie Zagorac’s memory cards. Property of Mojave County Police Department, File VL-624 is all the restored files (some corrupted) they couldn’t originally get off cards.

Here’s the proper viewing order:

1. The Outwaters
2. Card Zero
3. File VL-624

Start screaming now with SCREAMBOX on iOS, Android, Prime Video, Roku, YouTube TV, Samsung, Comcast, Cox, and Screambox.com.

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